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What is your spending habit and what seems to be the problem why you are spending too much?

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When it comes to spending, I am a modest spender. One thing is certain about my spending, I only spend on things that are important to me. And I don't spend to impress anybody like it is in my country with young guys. With sounding judgemental, you will see them spending money they don't have to show off that they a living large. Some even go as far as borrowing more than they earn monthly just to impress the opposite sex. You see them at bear parlors buying bears, eating assorted meats and all that and at the end of the day they are broke like pauper and still living from hand to mouth. There are those squatting with their friends yet buying Iphones for they girlfriends. As for me I am contented with what I earn and I try as much not only to save but invest my money so that if possible I can be making money while sleeping.
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That is what I really want to happen to me. I want to be contented to what I have and I  need to buy those which I badly needed. I slowly practicing this and hoping to get my savings more than my spendings. 
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Just try practicing it on daily basis by only going for the needful. Be aware that human wants are insatiable. Prioritize your needs over wants.
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I have to agree and I am always stucking that to my buy. I only buy those I really need, even with clothes. I just learn to be creative in some areas to no look the same I am wearing with my clothes. 
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I'm pretty good with money and normally don't spend what I don't have but I have a passion for cars and have lost a lot of money in the past from buying vehicles which went wrong, My partner always tries to stop me but if I have it in my mind to buy a different car there's no stopping me!  It does make me happy for a while and puts me on a real high,

When it comes to food, clothing and bills I am very organised and never go over the top. I always make sure we have enough to live comfortably and I try to save a little each month. However I know what it feels like not to have enough money to save because everything has gone on necessities but since I have retired I am financially better off. I just need to stop spending on cars that go wrong and I will have a lot more money to go around!
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You have a right spending habit. You are buying things that you want and you needed. I mean for sure what you want could be bought on times you have money remaining even if you already bought it for sure. 
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My spending habit actually depends on my mood and my needs, most of which are heavily influenced by people around me. For instance, I tend to spend much on food and other recreational activities such as going to museums and art galleries whenever I'm feeling down. Oftentimes, when people around me buy something which they think they need, although I tend to assess whether I need or will be needing the same thing, my personal want to have the same thing gets the better of me.

I do realize the importance of knowing how to budget, save and invest effectively but sometimes I find it have to break old spending habits. There are times when I feel like succumbing to temptation but then I always get myself reminded of what my father used to tell me that I should never spend more than one I earn. And I think this is the most helpful advice when it comes to managing your finances.
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I think we are the same on this area. I have problems with spending when I am with my friends because I tend to be influence to buy things out of the budget that is why when I need to buy some things i am alone.
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My spending habit isn't excessive but I spend all the same,sometimes it becomes very difficult to save not with all the good things of life and there are what we really crave for.

I spend mostly on my needs though but some needs are money demanding like living in a good house in my country is very expensive unless you want to live in the slum or not so good areas and I won't want that for my family as it will more money demanding living in such areas and falling sick  all the time and then spending more on medical bills.

I'm trying to spend more now on my needs wholesomely and relish a bit of luxury once in a while.
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That is the right thing to do. Spend on your needs at present, rather than your wants because it is hard to earn money these days. 
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I don't have any offline job hence most of my earnings are from online. On a monthly basis, am always making like $50.Out of this $50 I don't save even 1 cent. I use all the cash in buying new clothes and shoes. In Kenyan universities, dressing is very competitive and everyone want to be smart. So, I don't have any problem with buying clothes and shoes.My mother is that kind of a person who doesn't realise that a lady needs some more pocket money that a boy. So, she'll send money whenever she feels like, before she sends the cash, some of the monthly earning would have sorted me out in some way.

I would love to buy new gadgets, at least pay rent back at school and at least save the rest but what am getting cannot do all this at once because its less. If I could get some more earning sites and make around $100 per month I'll be very happy because my issues will be sorted out.
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I really hope you earn lots from this site or found additional sites to earn you more and start saving it. You need to have savings but of course, to start is always the hardest.
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I'm good with spending money. I don't go overboard with my spending and I only buy what I need. Whenever I get what I want, I make sure it is worth the money and it brings me much more benefit than its original value otherwise, I won't get it. I like to hold on to money really tight.

I think I'm like this because right from a very young age, I'm used to having the basic things that I need to be content. Any other thing is an extra or bonus. I do not spend unless it is necessary and useful and I place my needs on a scale of presence. I always ask myself "do I really need this." There I get my answers.
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That is the right thing to do. Do not spend too much and buy those things you need instead of wants because it is needed you have money left after buying those things.

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