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Many people tend to sleep after they eat especially when they are full, but is it safe to sleep right after we eat?
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It is advisable that you eat 2 hours before you going to sleep, thus ti will be the reason of nightmare.

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No! It is wrong to sleep right after you eat. Your body needs activities to help digest the food you eat properly. Going to sleep right after eating pauses the process and disrupts digestion. It is best to eat at the least two hours before bedtime. That is enough time to kick off the process since your system takes up to eight hours for digestion to be completed.

Sleeping right after food can cause indigestion, fat accumulation, constipation and other digestive problems. You food does not get converted properly and you might be missing out on some nutrients. Do not sleep right after eating. You can take a short walk around and get busy before you finally retire to bed.
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It is bad for the body to just lie down after eating. Studies have shown that the body doesn't digest food properly when we lie down after eating the body is suppose to be in an upright position after eating to aid proper digestion after food.So it hinders smooth digestion.

Eating and just lying down brings about weight gain which we might not really want it good to burn some calories after eating, than lying like couch potatoes after eating. No calories burn will lead to weight gain.

Lying down immediately after food can trigger acid influx which will trigger heart burn.So it recommended that we wait for about 2 hours before lying down to sleep to do away with stress or discomfort that comes with this.
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From scientific point of view, it's totally wrong for you to go to bed immediately after eating because the food you've eaten has not been broken down(digestion) to small absorbable units.

Going to bed immediately after eating leads to so many health related conditions such as heart burn, indigestion, constipation, and ultimately slow metabolic processes.

If you go to bed once you finish eating, you put yourself in a state of where you experiencing slow response to metabolic activities which in turn would cause you to have sleepless night, as well as you becoming prone to weight gain.

I guess you don't need to be reminded about the dangers associated with weight gain,do you? It is considered as health sabotage to go to bed immediately after eating due to the few but vital reasons stated above.
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I think it is safe but not good for your digestion. It is advisable to not sleeping but either in standing still or in sitting position after eating. If you love to take a nap or sleep, you need to have an hour before doing it. Some will fall asleep after eating because this find them comfort but it is not good for your digestion because your digestive system will skip it for you to take a nap or sleep. In return, the food that is not digested will be stored in your belly as a stored fat. It will be your belly fat. Some cannot breathe easily when they are sleeping immediately after eating, for the reason that you need to a lot an hour for the food to digested before doing anything else. The same goes to not creating a big movement after eating.
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I think this question has been asked previously. But to answer your question, it is not.

According to an article by Brynne Chandler, sleeping right after meal makes it hard for our body to digest the last meal we had, especially if we've eaten too much. He emphasized that doing this may lead to health conditions ranging from indigestion to a possible risk of stroke.

Most people would also tend to associate this with weight gain, but according to dietitian Robert Clark, "Night time metabolic rate averages the same as  during the day." Hence, when it comes to weight gain, it doesn't matter if when you eat but what you actually eat.

So how long should we have to stay up before going to bed? Health experts recommend that we should wait for at least two to four hours to give our body enough time to digest the food.
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I personally wouldn't suggest going to bed or sleeping right after you've eaten. I know so many people who will eat in the middle of the day and lay down right after they've eaten and fall to sleep. The rest of the day they feel sluggish and out of it. This is because they didn't give the food in their stomach time to digest and break down before they went to sleep. This is very bad for your health and your digestive system.

In the evening people eat a very large meal and this makes them sleepy. They normally fall to sleep not long after they've eaten. I personally can't do this because my stomach won't allow me to sleep right after I've eaten. Furthermore, if I do fall to sleep after eating I find that I can't sleep well at all and I have a very restless sleep and feel more tired in the morning.
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It is actually a bad attitude to eat and sleep. It has much implications to health such that it can damage the most useful organs in the body with much toxics. Food actually undergo a lot of process in human body before it turn useful nutrients in the blood stream.
The human liver is suppose to be clean from every toxic or possible toxic before going to bed or before it shutdown. The human liver is responsible of cleaning and neutralizing the body from harmful substance or toxic. And once we go to bed, it reduced its function by 10/100. Meaning 90% shutdown. At this period if food we eat is not allowed to undergo detoxification ccompletely before going to bed. Some of the food particles will stay stocked up in the liver. It then convert to toxic and creates 50% chances of cancer and other infections. It can damage the liver easily.
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No, It is not advisable to sleep immidately after eating because when you do that it will lead to improper digestion that can lead to constipation or indigestion. It is very important to note that when you go to sleep, every organs and systems in your also go to rest except  the heart that keeps working. The moment all the system go to rest there won't be digestion for respiration to takes place.  It is better to sleep at two hours after taking your meal because by then digestion must have taken place.
I have also read that eating late and eat to bed most times are the course of the night mare dreams some people though experience, but I am yet to know the chemistry behind the late eating resulting to night mare.  If you must eat at night then it should fruits and other light food.

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