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Most believe that If being a women, I am not good at cooking then I am a lesser women as in Asia it is taken as a Women's responsibility to cook.
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Although it doesn't make you a lesser woman if  you don't know how to cook, but this will be solely dependent on who you are married to. And don't forget in a hurry that most cultures see the females folks not only getting married to the males but to the whole family members as whole. And if it turns out that you don't know how to cook and the family members have such great expectation of you as a woman, they could resent your inability to fix them a delicious meal any time they visit.
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I know this, thanks for answering. This thing is affecting me and it must be affecting many others who are not good at cooking.
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Personally, I must applaud you for raising this kind of sensitive issue that is being overlooked but yet affecting many homes. Honestly, I know many marriages that are torn apart by this type of issue. I will kindly advise every woman out there to make conscious effort in knowing how to cook to some certain degree. As it usually said in Africa culture that the way to a man's heart is through food.
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Wow cooking plays a big role in a womans life. There are men who will have that notion or mentality that if a woman does not know how to cook then she is as good as not being referred to a woman. The one thing i know is that a woman who does not know how to cook is really a big disappointment and a disgrace to the family. It really makes no sense to have a woman inside the house and she cannot prepare a decent meal for the family, why is she even there if she cannot perform those kinds of duties? There is also a saying that goes " The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" in other words men appreciate good food which is prepared by a good cook, and if you cannot do that then how do you win a man's heart? Anyway i don't think it makes you less of a woman if you do not know how to cook, it just makes you look bad in the midst of other women, which will make you uncomfortable. The positive side of it is that the criticisms will make you do something about it like probably joining a cooking class.
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Some people just don't understand cooking at all. I tried to teach my daughter how to cook and she just didn't want to learn. She told me she would marry a man who loved cooking and this is what she did. However, over the years she has been forced to start cooking and now has gotten rather good at the few things she enjoys making. Cooking is an art and you either like it or not. It doesn't make you less of a woman if you can't cook. 
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You can be good in something else. If you are not a good cook or not cooking at all, you will look bad if you haven't tried to know how to cook. You should start learning now.
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There are just some people who try to cook and take classes to learn to cook. Take for an example, my mom. She is the worst cook in the world and no matter how hard she tries she just can't cook. There are some people like this and they just can't get the hang of it at all. 
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It's okay tgat you don't know how to cook, however you can oractice cooking so you can feed your own children at home. It is more convenient and healthy for your family  as well.

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I know many women that are not good at cooking and I don't think they are lesser women or should be considered like that. But I can imagine this feeling and some may feel depressed about it but we shouldn't think much about it and If we feel that we should learn about cooking then we should learn cooking and try to get better at it. We should have a clear state of mind and In case we don't wanna learn cooking then we shouldn't think much about it as these days both Male and female share responsibilities of cooking and it's not a women thing by any means and most people from India or I should say Asia think like that.
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Yes, one must learn how to cook if they don't know how to cook. It will take a lot of practice  but it will get there.
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Cooking responsibility should be for both males and females. Even as a man I can cook almost all meals and seriously, knowing how to cook is for an individual's good .

Well,in our society it is believed the females are like the mother's of the home and as such should resume the motherly role of cooking and should know how to cook to feed the family.

In as much as it wouldn't make you a lesser woman but you should know how to Cook, the onus is more on you as a woman than on a male.As a woman in a home it is naturally expected that you should be able to Cook to feed the family and it wouldbt be funny if you are at home but there isn't food in the home because you can't cook.

Cooking can be learned at any time and the time might just be now.
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Knowing how to cook is a previlige that you can serve healthy fresh food for your family, it's brilliant!
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Being able to cook does not make you a better or more of a woman than the other woman. Cooking is a skill that anyone can acquire regardless of gender. It is very unfortunate that some cultures think otherwise. They try to enforce cooking and domestic activities on females in a bid to make it part of them even when their interest lies somewhere else.

This is not to say that a girl should not help around but she must not be shamed If it isn't one of her strong points. She must not be made to feel like it is her duty and no one else's. It doesn't make you less of a woman than it does a man. There's many more to you that you can offer.

In my culture. It is believed that cooking good food is one of the qualities that keeps a man and a home and it is a woman's duty only. This is still a problem and it's only now that women are starting to speak up. They fail to understand that their actions are the birth place of gender inequality in our society.

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