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On the recent typhoon, I made a preparation 3 days before it enters PAR or Philippine Area of Responsibility. I already bought transistor, so that we can hear a news from AM frequency just in case the electricity will be out. I also bought, flashlight with lamp. I bought 2 so that we can use the one in our room, and one in the dining room. I bought food, batteries, medicine, water, and some emergency kit. I bought extra umbrella. At home, we secure our house just in case the strong wind arrived. We already fixed some part in the house, and kept some things that we do not use so we can make room for some place in our house when there will be floods. I charged all of my phones and bought powerbank. I make sure my phone have load. All in all, I am prepared.
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Our country is often visited by 20 typhoons in a single year. Whether or not the typhoon is expected to be so destructive, we make it a point to always be prepared for the worst. First, it is important to have enough stock of food for the family, as it will not be safe to go even to the nearest stores. Since typhoons are often expected to cause so much wind and disturbance, it is likely to have power shutdown; hence, flashlight and lamps should also be ready. Another important thing to be considered is buying ziplock bags where important documents and some cash may be placed so as to secure them properly. We also buy whistles in case someone will be in need of a rescue. All these things are packed in a bag and stored at the most convenient place, so we can grab it immediately during worst case scenarios.
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Although my country is not prone to natural disaster like typhoon, but from what I have leant about it is that it's a catatrophic environmental phenomenon which goes with great wind along side heavy disturbances. If I find myself in a situation like that, what do I do?

First off, prior to the news of it coming perhaps few days before the forecasted date. I will go to the bank to withdraw a lot of money. Buy food stuffs and other things like battery powered torch light since there might not be public electricity supply. I will ensure that me and my family members are prepared for evacuation emergency by buying big Ghana must go bags that will help us pack a whole lot of things essential for our survival. I guess with this we are good to go.

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