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Meeting failures and having no confidence that we can able to survive makes us weaker, but despite all of these, what are you doing to be unstoppable of the things you want to achieve despite having all of it?
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Never lose hope. Have faith in God and work even harder to achieve your goals.

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You need to have a strong mind and the will power to be able to get through with all the failures you encounter. Accept that life wouldn't always go our way no matter how careful we planned it to be. Realizing that failures do not happen to bring you down but to teach you lessons on how you will move forward is also a key factor.

I know that these are all better said than done. When faced with failures, our spirit gets crushed to the point where we think we can no longer rise up. During these times, I think seeking help from other people would be best. Talk to the person you trust the most. Sometimes knowing other people's perception of our problems make us realize that it isn't as problematic as we see it.

More importantly, avoid the poison of comparison. This often cause people to lose the motivation, as they think that nothing good ever happens to them while others keep on succeeding. I do believe that there is a right timing for all of us. We have to endure all the pain that failures bring us, and come to a resolve that giving up should never be an option.
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I agree. Ask the help of the person that has been there and ask everything, how does she do it and what are the type of thing she had done as a technique.
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It can be depressing having those feelings as a reality. You need to remind yourself that those are trials of life. Failure doesn't mean you are terrible at something. It means there's something you missed out and you'll surely get it right. Failure counts as experience not as downfall.

A big triumph is having the guts to even try in the first place. That is a confidence booster. Others are still struggling to try. Try, fail and try again. Nobody said it was going to be easy. The best ones were made tough out of their failed experiences. Failure is sometimes inevitable and it can be a prerequisites for success.

I've failed before. I didn't let that stop me. I turned it into triumph by learning from my mistakes. Others too can learn from it .
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I have to agree. Nobody said it would be easy. If you love to achieve something, struggles and sacrifices should go both to make your goals to happen. It always go hand in hand.
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The first thing one need to understand about  failure is that life happens and those that move on fast are always the winners,so armed with this fact I don't always see myself as being stopped no matter the situation.

I have come to the point in my life that I tell myself nothing can stop me and this mindset makes me win all the time To remain afloat despite all the obstacles and failures one must:
*Have positive mindset that no failure last forever,so move swiftly up to turn things round,just flip the coin.

Be resolved to work hard no matter the fears.

Have the " I can do spirit", just keep moving, so no need stopping and being stagnanted

Prove your mockers wrong that you're only down not out by turning things right out for you.
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yes, that is the spirit, no one and nothing can stop. I guess it will truly happy with those things you really want to happen with your life and I hope it happens to me too.
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