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 What are the 5 must things for a good business hotel? There are a few prerequisites for a good business hotel, let’s find out what they are

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There are a several prerequisites for a good business hotel, then there are really important ones. some of the prerequisites every business hotel should fulfill. 

  • Location
  • Accommodation
  • Facilities
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In my opinion, following are the five necessary things that a good business hotel should have in order to attract customers.

1. Should get used to up to date technology.

2. Should make available delicious food.

3. Make their guests feel like staying in a home.

4. Keep their guests happy and busy with entertaining facilities.

5. Make the hotel desk front or reception informative.
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A hotel should make the customer feel at home. He or she must be able to feel free and be stress-free. This is achieved by having a   conducive environment for the customers. The prices for the accommodation of the customers should be fair for them to afford the rooms.
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I think the most important feature that a business hotel should possess is strategic location. People engaged in business treat time lost as money lost; hence, it is critical that for a business hotel to be strategically located such that heavy traffic will be avoided without compromising the accessibility. Since most communication, deals, and discussions are done online, it is also critical to have in-room WiFi with reliable signal. Relative to this, work-desks are definitely one of the must-haves.

After long days of work, people may need to want to relax, and this calls for amenities such as gyms. Foreign travelers might give this aspect more importance specifically in trying to cut down the jetlag.

These are just some of the things that makes a business hotel a "great" hotel. Some other considerations may include having concierge, wide communal spaces, etc.
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I think some of the most important features of a business hotel would be comfort,  low cost and wifi as many might be required to work from their room. One advantage that many people seem to forget is plenty of parking space. I remember a friend of mine complaining that when he drove to a hotel connected with his work he could not find any parking close to the hotel he was staying and as he did not know the area he took ages finding somewhere to leave his car and ended up having to walk some way back to the hotel. He also said the hotel was not as clean as he would have liked and as he had been traveling all day he wanted a shower so he was not impressed with their standards.

I think friendly and approachable staff are also important as when you are away from home and family it's important to be made welcome. If a hotel wants to maintain its reputation it should make sure that people are happy to visit again and give out positive reviews.
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It is very important that a standard hotel must have a very conducive environment both in and out,  that is the rooms should be well ventilated, spacious and the outside should also be very cool with natural canopies and man made because sometime people love to natural fresh air.
The security of the hotel should be very tight both physically and digitally because hotels are vulnerable to all sorts of crimes that people are capable of committing.

The human resources management should be very intact such that the staff(s) are well disciplined and very accommodating to customers whenever their services are required.  The staff(s) should also be adequately paid to gear their motivation the job.
Facilities like swimming pools, and  most games courts should be made available.

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