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Exercises when done at home, can help with burning our calories, core strength and muscle toning. We can do a basic treadmill , some high intensity workouts for fat burning and core exercises like planks or squats. But these are mostly concentrated on toning the targeted muscles and letting go of some calories. They help to about 40% in building the muscles.

But to build proper muscles, one needs the right equipments, intensive workout sessions, proper protein rich diet with  added supplements and a good physical instructor to get through with this. Muscle building takes a lot of discipline and pain and control on what you put into your body. Weight lifting exercises are a must to develop biceps and triceps. Going to a gym and doing these will also help reduce the chance of injuries.
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It all depends on the type of exercise you are doing. Some home exercises are very complimentary to building of muscles. Gone are the days one goes to the gym frequently all in the name of trying to build muscles. At the comfort of your home, you can actually achieve your muscle building plans. With just simple resistant exercise, you can get your biceps and triceps looking jacked up.
Although there are some exercises you can carry on to build your muscles like intensive upper body push ups--done multiple times streneously until tiredness sets in, but it is more advisable to visit the gym for proper muscle building, because the equipments found there are designed for such purposes. And as for avoidance of unwanted injuries, you can get the services of gym expert that can guide you on the appropriate ways the equipments can be used to achieve better results with shortest possible time.
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Actually, I am using bottle water as my weight lift instrument at home and I can say I had a muscle on my arms already. It even pushes to build up a muscle on my upper leg and my butt. It became skinny. Whenever I am lifting a pale full of water, in and out of the house, it develops a muscle on my arms.  Home exercise, as long as you are doing it on a habit could lead to building up muscle. Swiping the floor can make your muscle grow. Even planking at home can develop muscle on your stomach and reduce the amount of fats in your belly. Leg exercise, can reduce the weight of your legs. Sit ups and push ups could make your arms and stomach strong. If we do it regularly, we can build muscle. It might not as fast as when we are weight lifting but it could/
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I have been doing exercises for the longest time now in the house. These exercises are mainly for keeping me fit and flexible. Others are for burning belly fat and for flat albs.

I guess if you want to build muscle the best way to go is have a peraonal trainer for starters who will advice you on what kimd of exervises you are supposed to do and how. Muscle building has a way of being achieved, it's not like keeping fit or toning up the body. You need to know which areas you want to achieve the muscles and how much. When that has been determined, you can now start on your workout. Your trainer will advice you on what foods you need to be consuming, because you don't expect to be eating fatty and junky foods and still build muscle, and then he will also explain to you what kind of exercises you need to do that will also help you achieve what you are looking for.
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