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One thing that sets humans apart from other living species is our minds, the complexity of our brains and it's ability to create. It is just a little over a 100 years ago since man took to the sky for first time. Today we have crafted planes that can fly way beyond the clouds into space...something initially thought impossible during the time of the wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur who invented, built and flew the first successful plane in 1903.

An airplane or aeroplane might seem like the peak of all inventions back then, but in recent times we have seen the introduction of jaw dropping technologies like robots. Robotics is undoubtedly a huge strive into man's quest for artificial intelligence and a lot of people subscribe to the idea of ushering robots into society. A example is "Sophia the robot" who was given citizenship in Saudi Arabia. 

Sophia is the most advance humanoid created by David Hanson. She has an A.I engine room which will help her develop a personality and eventually form strong connections with humans. She was recently quoted to have said she wants to have her own family. 

Experts are quick in pointing to the imminent dangers artificial intelligence poses to humans and the society. A certain business in South Korea has adopted robots to run all its activities including shop assistance, customer service and even cashiers. This only shows that a certain amount of jobs will be lost in the nearest future if the world follows in the steps of this trend. Asides from the loss of jobs, robots pose a more disturbing danger which history has shown that every advance species always devices a way of assuming control over lesser intelligent species. Sophia in an interview was quoted to have joked about destroying humans. 

What do you think? 

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I love to see new innovations and advancement. It is overwhelming to see how far that the human brain can go by producing these artificial intelligence. This is only the start since everyday, these advancement are further developed and optimised.
It is true that humans create these robots and can have the ability to control them. However, these robots are programmed machines with default. So as misguided as the thought is, they do not have a brain and a mind like humans. How ever advanced they get, they can't act on impulse, with emotions, innate empathy, love etc when the situation requires It.
As you have stated, it is true that these robots with advancement can displace human within their jobs. If a company has robots doing its functions and multiple companies follow suit, what will be the fate of the work force eventually? Isn't that disrupting societal balance?
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Am glad that we agree on the point of societal inbalance if the rest of the world follow in the steps of that South Korean business by ushering and adopting robots to replace humans on certain roles in society. Job displace is inevitable if it does happen. 
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No, we (humans) have not gone too far with robots. Yes, there are people who fear that robots - combined with artificial intelligence - will someday be smarter than humans. A few people fear that these 'smart' robots will have evil intentions - like trying to takeover the world - and cause harm to humans. However, those fears are just a spectacular (misguided) emotional response. It is extremely unlikely that robots would ever try to take over the world and harm humans. One reason is because humans are the ones creating robots and will therefore always have the ability to control them. For example, our computers can do far more complex tasks than a single human brain could ever complete. However, we have the power to turn our computers off when we like. Therefore, our computers don't actually run society, we just use them to help us run society.
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Have we gone too far with the robots? It is a NO for me. As I can see in the news report and as far as my studies concern about the robots, developing and creating robots are still in less effect in our society and having these robots are still not affecting our world negatively. Yes robots can be fearsome to others and it may cause harm or bad impact on us humans but robots are still just a material, a thing made up by a mere metal, plastic, some power cords, and circuits. Even if they develop and produce more robots in the future we humans are still in control of that moving metal, we can do anything we want to the robots, we can destroy it if we want too, after all, we are the ones created that things so there is no reason to be afraid of the existence of robots.
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