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Many people are doing EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique to lessen the stress and negativity in their body before solving some issues. I think EFT could help in solving your personal issue that will help you solve problems. I am doing it. Does it holds true to you?
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Successes of the practice of  EFT happens to depend on the individual engaging in it. What works you might not work for me. That how life is! The techniques used for the purpose of EFT is very important as their impact is still dependent on the individual.
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It works for me and you are right about that. I practice this one when I am not in my normal state and I need to burp out the negativity inside my body. it always works for me.

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I tend to imagine this is a situation whereby you try solving your emotional or psychological issues personally and people understand and give you time to compose yourself. Yes this is very good because they help one in composing themselves since they spend quite some time alone and swallow the bitterness of the situation. But then, we need to keep in mind that too much of this isn't good. In as much so you practise emotional freedom, please share out issue.
You might end up making worst decisions since you're so much into yourself and don't allow anyone to tell you on what's right and what's wrong. If you do your analysis well, you'll realise that, a good number of people who practice emotional freedom are mostly introverts. Then, there are those who just like being on their own so that they can reduce the rage.
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That is very deep thoughts you have there. Me, I prace EFT and to be specific, EFT tapping because it lessens the negativity in my nerve and it helps me to be positive little by little.
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EFT or emotional freedom technique should be used by everyone because it like unspoken law that in life we would be confronted with some emotional problems that will need us applying this solution for total freedom.Optimizing one's emotional health is very important and as such EFT should always come in  handy to reduce both psychological and emotional burden of any individual.
Another good thing about emotional freedom technique is that it doesn't just focus in curing emotional distress it can also be used to fight physical pains. Using this technique can balance the energy system in the body which will eventually helps to curb pains in the body.

My friend used this technique to even lose weight. The fact is that this technique helps to  lower stress hormone which in turn can bring about weight loss.
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Emotional freedom Technique is a self inbuilt philosophy that one will use to console his or herself in the time of emotional trauma.
Personally I have trained myself to be able to withstand any emotional challenges,  I am of the believe that heart break doesn't exist,  if I and some one have to depart, it is destiny though painful especially if is on an understanding reasons, if the personal depart from me for selfish reasons then I don't believe she breaks my heart but rather she is been displaced by a better replacement that will fill her space.
Emotional freedom technique is the major solution that everyone need to inculcate and discipline his or her self with,  don't over rely on a relationship you with your fellow human beings because human being is unpredictable.
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I am really a type of person that will solve anything just by myself and including my deep emotional and stressful life. At the same time, I am very open to people's advice on how to get things done and how to do it and how to handle it. Most of the time I comfort myself when no one does. So honestly EFT or emotional freedom technique is really working sometimes but not all the time. When I can't handle things around me, I reach out for help and ask someone to talk to so I could release my inner feelings. Dealing it alone is not very helpful when it is overpowering your mind and your deepest emotions. I believe in saying "no man is an island" which means, you cannot live alone. If you dealing with your own thoughts with some technique will work for you or for some other people, but there are someone out there that can't. That is why there is suicidal because people really need to reach out. When you do EFT which means you including there too what surrounded by you and what have you learned from others and apply it directly to yourself with no one involve, but in fact there is influence too with other people there.

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