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Being negative is always bad, but for those who are treating negativity as signal or sign that they need to be careful, it saves their lives. IS there a time negativity helps you to survive the challenges of life?
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Is really the negativity? or maybe they felt something odd and they are not comfortable but not necessarily negative thoughts? maybe they just became worried all of the sudden, (I believe all of us have experienced it) and not negative. That's only my opinion :)

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I am a negative person so I know how this feels :). I apply negativity sometimes, or listen to the negative instinct I am feeling because it serves as a warning or makes me prepare a plan b or c when it comes to decisions. 

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I once went through a very dark time in my life where I mixed with a bad crowd and did all sorts of things that I wouldn't normally do. I made myself ill but I reached a point where I had to re-evaluate my life and make positive changes unless I wanted to sink any lower. So that's what I did. I stopped hanging around with this bad crowd and got a good job, made new friends and generally got my life back on track but it had to get bad before I could make it better.
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@Sprite, that was good. we will be having a moment in our life where we will evaluate ourselves for sure because we learned to be observant and weigh our options.
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Sometime back I read a research paper that said affirmations (positive assertions) are actually bad for you. You need to be realistic and accept the truth. Negativity does not always mean pessimism, it is actually a sight into the harsh truth
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I don't think negativity ever helped anyone in their life. we have often been taught to always be positive whether things work or not. Positivity is what brings about good breaks, when you are negative nothing ever seems to work because you are demotivated to try out anything. for me it is positivity all the way i have no time for negative energy in my life it's too draining.

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I don't think so, In my case, it didn't help me at all. I always remember that whenever I am in the negative mode it really affects my day drastically. Being negative always makes me feel uncomfortable and it just makes my day bad. Negativity affecting me so much especially my thoughts and decision making, it just not letting me to think right and straight. Whenever negativity attacks me I always didn't notice that I'm walking in the path of darkness and as if nothing is important to me and you cannot see love in me. I'm cold towards the other and even to my friends, I feel that I wanted to be alone. If you can see me during that day, you will feel it and you can see that I'm covered in darkness, you can see it in me and into my eyes.
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we all have moments in our life that we are like that and I think we are the same with that. I cannot hide a certain darkness in me because I am all negative. I am glad that you are always positive and maintaining that will surely helps you.
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Actually, it is not all the time sister, there are times that I really want to explode because of the darkness inside me, maybe you just have to do something to blow off your steam, in my case I go to a gym or play basketball and after I do that I'm all good again. Just have to find your outlet.
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Yes you are right. My outlets are writing blog, or writing what I feel in my online journal , playing with pets, making chicken macaroni, and some stretching at the house (doing household chores).
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Yes in fact I have experiences several occasions where negativity has helped. For instance, there's this day there was a  party in some club near the school. Several people attended but for me, I always view such parties in some negative ways so i never attended the party. In that very party, two people died and this lead to commotion and most people were hurt. This taught me a lesson I'll never forget.

Negativity helps but not all the time. Before making any negative decision, ensure you have weighed its consequences because some decisions will end up ruining you forever and you'll regret for the rest of your life. Also, don't be always negative try at times to be positive or rather optimistic because if you decide to be a pessimist you will forever have negative results in whatever you do.
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Now I am curious, We are the same when it comes on how to see parties, I am also not a party goer and I also see parties in a different way, maybe just the same as you do. Now my question is, Is it really being negative that we didn't want to go to a party? or is it, we are just not comfortable with such activities? I believe being negative is different to not comfortable in doing things. What do you think?
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That is what I am talking about. You start to think negative and it gets beneficial because it saves you from danger or for some problems. I even don't like parties because there are lots of strangers and I might meet some people who will not respect me. 
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Negative thoughts came out of her mind, so it is negative already. Yes, it could be you are not comfortable but thinking that party is bad to you without having the experience is like judging something. She started to think she might be in danger when she is in a party or something like that. That is the negative side of it.
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If you look at it as being negative. Perhaps it is something that you don't agree with, are not comfortable with and your instincts tell you otherwise. It is sometimes not that what is about to happen is actually negative. It could be that it's your feelings that are negative towards the occurrence. The feeling or a signal that something is about to happen makes it negative for you.
These things happen a lot and our instincts always turn out to be correct. We somehow feel saved and grateful that we followed our instincts. I remember when I decided I wasn't going to take the bus. Few minutes after passing in a cab, that same bus had an accident. I was so glad to my bones that day that I felt that way. I was so grateful and from then onwards, I listen to myself more.
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Exactly. Sometimes I am being a kill joy because I judge things but it is only negative thoughts that started crawling in my brain that will refrain me from doing new things. It is instinct that saves me from something and yes, I am right most of the time.
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Being negative it is not always a bad thing, I believe that negative persons are somehow well prepared for the bad things that happen to them but I also believe that it is more difficult for them to overcome the new situation as they often only see the dark side of everything. Sometimes I have negative thoughts like everyone else, but when that happens I try to see the bright side, sometimes it is not easy but we shouldn't let the negativity rule our lives as this feeling can paralyze us and make us feel bad about all the decisions we take.

Lately, I try to stay away from negative persons as it seems to me that they absorb all my energy and make me feel depressed. Like everything negativity and positivity should be balanced in our lives.
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Negative thoughts, is not always bad I agree. It keeps me prepared. It is a waste of time to think about the things you don't know or the things that are not happening, but maybe there is something with my attitude that makes me believe in my negative thoughts because it leads me to advance planning of what I will going to do.
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I will say yes because most negative vibes sometimes pushes one  to aim higher or push ourselves forward to success.I know how I was criticize by almost all members of my family for dumping the family chosen career path  and decided to go for what I had passion for and I was dragged in all angles.

My parents said negative things about my career path and how I will be a nobody after graduation but all I needed to do was to proved them wrong, so I kept on pressing on to be a success. I'm sure those negativity really pushed me to having the good grades I had in the  college.

So the best bet with negativities is proving everyone wrong by being a success.I did and I'm  trying to get all the certifications I can to be a chartered soon
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For this experience, you used those negativity to push and work hard in making things happen so that you have the "I told you so attitude" and let everyone know you did it. This is a good story.
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Negativity helping someone to survive in life? It is quite strange to me though. But in all honesty, there has never be a time negativity helped me in anyway whatever. Right from time, I have learnt to be positive in all do. Even in trying moments what has helped me to come out triumphantly is due to my optimistic nature.

Generally speaking, negativity sits side by side with darkness. I don't think there is anything one can gain from associating with dark thoughts. Eventhough when the decision one makes is somehow connected to stimulus that helped the person to escape dangerous situations, I still don't think it's as a result of negative triggers.

Let's call a spade a spade, the bible said that light has absolutely nothing to do with darkness. Therefore, there is no how negativity can help someone to be alive, which is obviously a product of light. Anything that goes with negativity is deemed darkness while anything that goes with positivity is reckoned as light.
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I am not going to sit side by side in the darkness and I know how bad it is, what I am up to are those negativities in general like killings, stealing, stress, higher price, economic fall, or any negativity in the household. Those are stress that will only give harms to our body, but those had helped me think in advance to save money, not to be in the street in the late hours, and be patient.
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Yes, negativity does help sometimes. For example, I am very negative about using drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, heroine or tobacco. Their effects on the body are so bad and some definitely lead to death. I have seen many of my friends suffering due to addiction to the use of drugs and other harmful substances.
Another way that negativity has helped me is that I don't like strikes, I am so negative about them. There was this time when there was a strike in the campus I study and everyone armed themselves and went. I chose to stay out of it and in the evening five students were reported dead due to violence and many others injured.
Lastly, I am negative about parties especially the ones that people go to a club. I prefer house parties for instance birthdays at home. Clubbing has led to the demise if many young people in my country. The ladies also get into sexual relationships with older people and some end up getting unwanted pregnancies.
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For this one it serves you as a warning to do get involve in anything negativity. For me it works the same too. It works as a precaution. It gives me more time to prepared for something because I am assuming something could happen, but still over thinking is bad.
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