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I think it does. It's an ancient Indian practice to cleanse body and to convince God. I don't think or feel it can convince God in anything but it can cleanse our Internal system. 
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Skipping meal is not healthy option you would do. Try to eat foods that will do the cleansing with your system.

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Not really. Ideally one should never skip a meal or a snack. This hampers the functioning of insulin in our body, leading to hormonal issues and diabetes. The key to cleanse once body is to eat right, in small portions and drink lot of water. Water is effective in transporting oxygen via blood and also excreting toxins out of the body.

The more we drink water, the more toxins gets expelled out of our body. We can also try cleansing juices like green juices containing kale, cucumber, lemon and other anti-oxidant rich food items. Follow a healthy chart of proper diet in small portions, more raw vegetables and fruits for natural cleansing and plenty of liquids. Tender coconut and buttermilk can also aid in natural cleansing of our body. Eat right to be toxin free.
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Skipping meals will only cut down on your daily calories intake. However, when you combine that with taking water, drinks, fruits and vegetables that can detoxify your system, there would be a process of cleansing. This means less food, lesser possible toxins and more cleansing.

Cleansing is a process that needs like an agent. Eating less will only reduce the amount of likely toxic substances in the body but it doesn't actually do the job. If you are seeking to cleanse your body, you can start by staying hydrated always.

Drink at least two litres of water daily. You can make detox water from a slice of lemon, cucumber and a glass of water. This is a great cleanser that can be taken through the day. You can also have a glass of warm water every morning. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
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I don't think skipping meals will help clean the system,it might help to reduce our caloric intake or enable our body burn fuel from the already stored fat which is really good for those seeking to lose weight but not necessarily to clean the system.

If one want to clean the system then there are better route for this and it isn't about skipping meals.This will look like using a wrong method for a good cause that might not be effective.cleansing the body you can start with taking lemon water first thing in the morning, eat more fruits and veggie in addition to your daily meals throughout the day,do some cardios that will help you sweat out and reduce your food intake while taking more fruits.

I don't think skipping meals is even good,eat but more of fiber.
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I don't think so, what I think usually happens is, you burn more calories and hence remove extra unnecessary fats.When you eat, the carbohydrates are first to be converted to energy then supplied throughout the body. When all the energy has been used up and there's no ready strach to be broken, the body takes up proteins and breaks up into molecules hence provide energy. The last molecules to be broken up are fats into small particles and converted to energy hence supplied to the brain.

Here we can see that even fats have been used up to provide energy hence there's no more extra fats hence we can call this cleansing up of the body. The removal of the extra unnecessary fats from the body. This can be quite risky as well because your brain won't be in a position to function well.
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By using the word cleans, am assuming you're referring to detoxing the body. Toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects. If we go by this, skipping a meal or two doesn't really cleanse the body, because not all foods are harmful and food itself is the fuel driving the body.

People often make the mistake of thinking a meal or two skipped can help detoxify the body thereby leading to a decrease of calories, but the fact remains: it will only lead to hunger and energy drain. A single meal missed can lead to a drop in the body's sugar levels. This is because our body runs sugar provided by food and a certain decrease in it's level might pose a health risk affecting every organ, because adequate circulation in the right amounts have been cut off.

However, food can still be used as a means of cleansing the body of toxins but not by skipping meals. The process can only be achieved by engaging on a cleansing diet, consuming un-harmful foods.
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I feel there's aorta of truth in this assertion because looking at it from nutritional perspective, by engaging in fasting, which is also a planned way of skipping meals, you would notice that the exercise makes one to be very light and hungry. This lightness can be attributed to the body cleansing itself by removing toxins deposited in it over time.
Nutritionally, skipping meals(fasting) is advisable, because during this period not would the body rid it off toxins, but it also ensure that the stored glucose in the liver is used up, so that the body can once again cleanse itself from stored glucose, thereby allowing it to free up the organ for more fresh storage.

Undoubtedly, I presume this process is highly connected to the body cleansing itself via skipping meals.
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Honestly it does, skipping meal have much advantage advantage than one can ever imagine. Though it all depends on the meal that one skips. In my own religion we call skipping meal "FASTING" and we believe in spiritual doctrine of using such means to get more attention and closeness to God. The Muslims eats very early in the morning like around 4-5am and skip taking any other till evening. So in according to the religion, the fasting as the following health advantage;

1: it helps the body to keep the body more fit and sound. Since lunch will not be injected into the body, the body will have enough time to detoxify the liver.

2: It helps the body to loose fat and by extension, the weight lost.

3: it improve the commitment and spiritual life. Since one will minimize the unnecessary activities.

However, even if you intend to miss meal, it shouldn't be breakfast.

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