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By the current year's late spring, if deals don't meet desires, Apple could resign 2017's leader iPhone which has an irregular design component the indent. It would be the first run through for Apple to not have a flagship iPhone as the cheaper option when the new version arrives.

As indicated by KGI, iPhone X can't crunch deals numbers in China. The outline could be the greatest factor. 


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No one can stop Apple from doing it, of course they will keep updating and creating more models in order to get and earn more from the market.

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I am not sure if they will stop it as guessing the future is impossible, however putting two and two together we can think that it is quite likely that they do.

The iPhone x has a couple problems such as design (many found it to be way too small for such a huge amount of price), plus componente and the price as the main issue.

It was nothing special of a phone for so much cash that not even silly Apple fanboys truly invested on it.
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I do not think so. I believe they will enhance this phone and make it better. I know they will start to discontinue the older models of iPhones and they won't offer any more software updates. I believe that Apple wants everyone to own the new iPhone X in the future and they are pushing everyone towards this phone. 

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