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Essay writing is not such an easy task. Every students have to meet such a task in their academics. But not everybody is an expert in writing essays. Some of them may write more and fill the pages to have more quantity and some others may write a little but in a good and attractive manner. Its a doubt that which is the factor that decides a better essay is that the quality or the quantity. There are many write my essay services that provides essays online. what factor do they consider?
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When it comes to creative writing quality is always priority over quantity. With that said, that does not mean the essay should be skimpy in the word counts it is written. Although the quantity is expected to be there, but quality shouldn't be overlooked or else the whole content would seen as total crap. Balance must be struck between quality and quantity.
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Well, I would say that quality is more important than quantity in essay writing. 

Having 500 pages of essay that isn't well written, concise and easy to read and understand is a useless work. 

A better quality written essay of 20 pages is better than an essay of 50 pages that is not well written. 
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With quality and quantity writing is build up to create a good essay.

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I think quantity is just as important as the quality, as most students are tasked to write an essay with minimum word requirement.

I don't have any experience as an online essay writer but I was once an essay editor, and I think there isn't much difference as being the actual writer. What we edit on essays is what should have been done/written in the essay in the first place. We take note of what's lacking, and what could be done to improve the essay.

That being said, the most important thing to consider, apart from the structure, is the content. This means that the essay must be relevant to the topic at hand. All information to be conveyed must be accurate so as not to confuse the readers. Moreover, the details must be authentic, as much as possible. For instance, technical knowledge must include technical details gathered from peer reviewed sources and must be properly phrased to avoid plagiarism. The essay must also be written depending on the tone that is expected of it. If it's informative, then it should contain as much information as possible. If it's persuasive, then it should be able to persuade the readers.

In every essay, the key is to write it as concise and as coherent as possible. It must be able to convey the message while meeting the word requirement.
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For me, what matters in the essay is the thoughts that you shared about the topic. What matters are the information provided, how clear the information was distributed in the essay, and somehow, if you already put all the information and the thoughts of the topic, it should be long. I guess both quantity and quality should be present in the essay. You cannot explain certain things in a very short manner. If you want your reader to get what you are trying to discuss, you should discuss it thoroughly , even in a layman's term. It should be a good length that you discuss little by little the subtopics to the main topic. This will make your essay be readable with quality and for sure you will have lots of readers in the future if you do it.
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There is a term in the science of logic about every definition and explanation: " every definition or explanation of a subject should be inclusive and exclusive". It means that the explanation should be included everything about the subject and excluded unrelated things. In my opinion, this statement also applies for essay. Every essay should cover all aspects of the subject and also should not include irrelevant topics. Therefore above definition can determine the quality and quantity of an assay. Sometimes, only one paragraph describe the subjects and sometimes a multi page report can not explain the subject totally. The purpose of writing assay is also important. Like short story vs. novel; in the short story, you should consider your story with few words but in the novel, reader is expecting comprehensive details.  

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I think both of them are important but quality matters a lot. You might decide to write 1500 word essay but full of thrash and most words are repeated, points aren't well brought out but rather beat around the bush to drive one's point. On the contrary, you can write a 300 word article that's clear with good vocabulary and content is clearly shown.

But teachers always want students to balance these two, both quality and quantity content. Its not that hard to deal with these two, its just a matter of learning how to write a good essay from different sources. Internet has got good number of such essays and they'll clearly show you how to use vocabulary and constructing good grammatical sentences. Essay writing isn't easy but with determination you can make it.
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I think both quantity and quality are important in essay writing. Quantity is important because most essays have a required number of words that the student must meet while writing the essay. It is also important so as to get the reader more interested in reading and will award you more marks. If you write something interesting but short, you might leave the reader wishing you had written more and end up awarding you lesser marks.
As you write many things, you should also consider their quality. A lot of words with grammatical errors and poor sentence structure will only deduct you marks instead of adding you the marks. Quality comes from the information you give, it should be clear for understanding and well structured. You also increase quality by use of proverbs, sayings and other ingredients that are related to the essay you are writing.
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In a very standard creative and educative writing, I believe quality should be considered before the quantity. Even in every day life, quantity is never and has never being the real goal for judging and viability of something or things. Since quantity hhas to do with numbers and amount of things available at that moment. While quality deals with how good such a thing is. You will with me that. That someone who eat a full plate of rice without meat, or fish has actually eaten and someone who ate small rice with chicken and salad has also eaten. But if you look into the two, the a whole plate is quantity while the othercwho ate little gas also eaten. The one that ate little with chicken will is perfect but not saturated while the other is saturated but not satisfied.

Thus, article or essay written must be well nice in quality since quantity might be full of rubis
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Essays are written for different purposes that are guided with specifications that are supposed to be met.
In my opinion both the quantity and quality are very important in essay writing.  The quality of your essay write up is mostly the measure of your punctuation marks,  connectivity and relativity of your points or ideas in line with the topic of the essay.

The quantity which is also refferd to as length of essay deals with how you are able to break down your points to a very comprehensive level to the reader of your essay,  this is mostly achieved by the use of simple words and citation of examples or scenarios just to make the intended of your write up rightly passed.
Both quality and quantity help the writer to broad his or her thinking faculty in gathering points or idea generation.
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As for me, I think that both quantity and quality is always necessary when we are looking at making essay contents. I am trying to understand the reason a writer will feel that making the essay to be simple and concise will make it to look great. Likewise, there is no need for anyone to be making long contents while writing essays when the content is not of high quality.

It is pertinent that we understand that we should first of all have some valid points that we are going to discuss when we write some essays and it is essential for us to take time to comprehensively explain some of those points. This is how the readers will get to understand better the points that you are looking at making. Also, making use of simple words when we write essays is important so that both young and old will be able to comprehend what they read.

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