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Chrome is the best browser because it is very easy to and mobile friendly also if you didn't like chrome means you can go for firefox that is good to use. Hope you got the information.
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There are other good browser than Google Chrome. You can use Firefox or Microsoft Eternet for good browsing experienced since, Chrome tend to always freeze and don't load up properly.

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I have tried other browsers but always return to Chrome because I find it faster than most others. It also has better security features and many interesting  and appealing apps. Originally it was made for Windows but has since been made available to Linux, MacOS, IOS and Android.

When I first started using the internet I used Internet Explorer but I had several virus attacks while using it.  Chrome was launched in 2008 and I remember reading a lot of positive reviews about its speed and efficiency so I decided to try it. I have never looked back and although I have periodically tried out other browsers I always return to Chrome as I genuinely think it is the best browser available at this point in time. The only other browser I use occasionally is  Mozilla Firefox as some sites that I have used in the past insist that this browser is used.
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Chrome is the best browsers I have come across,  it is both PC and mobile friendly, I discovered that there some sites that are not accessible as supposed by other browsers but with Chrome you will be able to access them conveniently,  the auto translating tools available is also very efficient.  The ad blockers are also very effective. You can open has many tabs as possible and the effects on the speed is very insignificant.  Though the browser consume more space in the RAM and I noticed it also consume more data than other browsers.
I used chrome to access complex sites while other browsers are used to access very simple sites. This enable me to manage my data subscriptions effectively. Having more than one browser helps a lot.
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In as much as Chrome tend to be very popular and widely used as a browser by a lot of people but I have always preferred opera and I used it a lot more than chrome because of some of its features.

Since the data subscription in my country is very expensive, the first thing I like about opera is it has the feature of compressing data before sending it to the user,that way very small amount of one's data is used,its speed is very fast too and there's a setting to block ads that are not needed which interfere with ones browsing experience.One can readily activate or enable the setting to block out such ads and there's a feature for saved page which I enjoy one can just save a page to use later not just bookmarking a page.I believe browsers are just better than another according to individual's needs.
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Yes chrome is a good browser but the latest upgraded version. Other chrome versions don't work well especially if not upgraded. Another browser that works well like chrome is Mozilla Firefox. Have been using mozilla for quite some time until lately it started lagging and occupied much space on my phone and was forced to uninstall it and install chrome. The only problem with these two browsers is that that consume much data than any other browser. But then, I like the fact that they load captchas faster.
On the other hand, we have opera mini. Most people hate using opera but I find it convenient because it saves one's data and load pages faster. One problem with it is that it cannot load captchas and require a well connected internet to performe tasks.
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Seriously ,to ask whether Google Chrome browser is the best web browser is something that is very funny to me because I don't think that there is any better web browser than Google Chrome in the world today.

When it comes to connection speed, Google Chrome is the best and fastest when compared to other web browsers like Opera mini browser, UC browser, Mozilla Firefox browser and Phoenix browser all combined. Also looking at the security settings of Google Chrome, there is none that can be considered better than Google Chrome's.

Now, a new feature is available on Google Chrome called offline page reading which gives a Google Chrome browser users the access to visit pages that they had already visited before without internet connection. Google Chrome browser is number one in the world today.
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I love chrome a lot especially the Google chrome on my laptop, it's unique and it certainly has great features like reminder, history and many much tools just as other browsers ddoes. But just as unique aas every being. I've my own most preferred browser which is Firefox browser. It has alot of its brand and that makes it more suitable for any type of gadgets. The one I'm using is Firefox beta, it does a lot for me, it consume only small data and the most cute part of it is, it has no sight opening shortcomings. As it opens all sight with easy and  much security against being hacked. Meaning it has security against hacking.
The most amazing feature of it that trips me most is the shortcut it creates for every site the user visits most often. By coding it with first letter of each site for easie4 accessing
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I have used bunches of browsers, and Chrome is still my first choice. Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge(Internet Explorer before) are good too, but some of their shortcomings always upset me, such as Firefox's Proxy problem that kicks me out of Internet, Opera's hijacking my email redirect. As for Safari and Edge, both of them do not have easy accesses to my favorites.

Google embraces fast performance(page loading speed), cross-platform support (supports almost every operating system) and gets all kinds of handy tools/extensions like screen capture tool, password auto-fill, Grammar auto-correct (basically the developers would program the extension for Chrome first for its large user base), which could even allow you to forget how resource-hungry Chrome is. Though your computer could be freeze when you open too many tabs on Chrome, its convenience and performance could still get it rank first.

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