Has there been a moment in your life you feel happy and sad at the same time? Please share your experience.
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So many experiences in life are bittersweet.  I think letting go of your children can be described as bittersweet.  But they can't stay little forever.  They have to grow up.  When they do grow up, you have to let them go.  You're happy that they can stand on own two feet but your are sad because those "precious moments" when they were little are now "precious memories".  You are happy and sad at the same time.  Happy because they grew up.  Sad because Peter Pan is not real.



You are absolutely right. I'm not a parent yet but I can definitely tell that feeling. I get it with my younger siblings and I can only imagine how much for parents. 
Life in general has it's good and bad side, sad and happy moments. For instance in my life there is a month in a year that i have that happy and sad moment. Like in the month of July i always have mixed feelings because on the 8th of that month i remember it in sadness because i lost my brother and on the same date of the same month, i celebrate my sister's birthday, that's truly a sad and happy moment. 
A man's happines sometimes it's not predictable. Today they are happy, later on they are sad. They might be stress out of soemthing and they require their partners support.

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My mother was very ill at the end of her life and although she clung on until the very end she suffered in many ways both mentally and physically. It was hard to watch her like that and even though I was sad when she died I was so happy that she was not in pain any more. She had no quality of life in those last months.

Another instance was when my granddaughter left primary school. I went to her leaver's assembly and cried buckets along with her teachers  even though it was a happy occasion as it meant she is growing up and moving on but  she was also leaving her infancy behind and those early years are so precious. They showed all the achievements of the children and how far they had come while they had been there.  We cannot stop the passage of time, change is important and although looking into the future can be exciting it is also daunting too.
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Your first paragraph was really touching, i must say. Nothing can be compared to see your love one suffer before death. Thank God she finally departed to go be with the Lord.
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Graduation makes me feel both happy and sad. After all the hardships, the troubles, the failures, I'm finally be getting out of the university but that includes not being able to see the people whom I treated as family. It's quite sad to know that you're on your own now but at the same time it feels happy and fulfilling to earn the fruits of your hardwork.

Even semester breaks make me feel sad for the same reason. Though I know I'll get to see these people, there's this feeling of sadness that lingers. I don't know why I get so easily attached with people that not having them around even just for a day or two makes me miss them so much. This also goes with moving from one work to another.

I'm not quite sure which emotion overpowers which in these situations. I also must admit that it is more often that I am neither happy nor sad, than having to feel both.
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Yeah! I can really relate with what you said. After graduation there is always that mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. Actually, there nothing anyone can do about it. Life must go!
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I have a lot of happy but still sad experience but the one that was emotional for me is when I left my offline job.I had really loved my office and my co-workers.I really used to like the interaction and relations in the place of work.

I just had to leave my work because it started taking a huge toll on my health and family life.The workload was overwhelming. Too much travelling and working long hours and late too.

I was happy to leave because I know my other areas of life will taken care of now,I will have time for family, be there for the kids and see how to get my certifications.I'm doing all of that now and trying to do more but sad that I missed all those good people,the projects and my boss and office.it was really a good experience for me while it lasted.
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That's true. I still feel the same way too about my work place i left. Mine i guess was even worst than yours because i wasn't only leaving my my work and colleagues behind but also my students i have come to love as my own children. Right up to till now i still feel type of way about the whole thing. On one hand, i am happy i left which has been my long time desire but on the other i am also sad for not been able to see my students again.
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Leaving places or a phase of life unto a greater one makes me happy and sad at the same time. I remember when I  graduated  from secondary school. I was so excited that I would be leaving for the university and still sad at the same time that I'll miss a lot of people and never see them again. It was such a mixed feeling and I felt the same way when I left college.

This might sound a little weird but sometimes I get this feeling with life itself. I'm happy that I'm living life, making the most out it by creating memories, relationships and impressions but I feel sad when I think of the fact that one day I will die and leave every single thing behind.

This question reminds me of the feeling  when you see some people so excited to the extent that they cry tears of joy.
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Everybody must die one day brother. It is important we live for the moment and forget the mysteries lurking in tomorrow that are unknown to us. 

I also felt the same way after each stages of my education. What it is is what it is! Life must go on regardless of not wanting to let go.
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Let say for instance a man who was brought in a very poor family such that the parents struggled beyond the sky just to make him educated and become very useful to them and himself, after graduation, he got a high paying job that can take care of him,his parents and many more people,  after  breaking the good news to parents few days after few days one of passed on to God. No doubt he will be pained because of the lost and at the same time he will happy His got a comfortable job.
A man who gave birth to a daughter nursed her successfully will surely feel very happy and fulfilled any day He is giving the daughter out for marriage but he will still feel sad to an extent that the daughter is living his home to another home that he is not so sure of her security.  Some men ended shielding tears which is termed to be tear of joy.
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I can seriously relate with your last paragraph. There is always that mixed feeling of sadness and happiness of a dad giving out his daughter for marriage.
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For me, i think its about finishing school specifically campus. I have been yearning to be out of this campus since i was in first year back in 2015. This place has been one hell of a place and not to me alone but to several other students. Am very happy that I have only one semester and am done with school. But then, i really feel so bad  because once am out of this  place I won't be getting any privileges because i won't be getting any upkeep money from my parents. Also, i will have to go back home do some home chores as I await for my graduation. I really hate doing house chores but u won't hae any short cut when that time comes. Another reason why I hate finishing schoschool is, people will start seeing you from another angle. They expect you to go out and start looking for a job they fail to understand that  there's what we call tarmacking and you can get a job abruptly.
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It is always like that when one is about dropping a pen from school activities. And there is nothing to be scared of about getting job in the labour market. What would be would be. Stay positive. Everything would turn out just fine.
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     I think it is called "Empty Nest Syndrome".  As the children are growing up we become accustom to them being little and needy.  When they grow up we are so proud and happy for them.  However, that causes a contradiction in our own emotions.  We want to be happy for them.  At the same time we wish they were little and needy again.  Don't worry though it is not a ending only a beginning.  They do not need us in the way we are used to but the new book has begun.

They now need you in different ways.  So don't be sad. It's not an ending only a beginning of a new chapter. laugh  This took me a while to learn also. I was probably one of the most clingy and needy parents of all. It broke my heart but made me grow also.  This lesson is more about change and growing rather than an ending.  So it will help to remember that new things are coming your way. New ways to be needed by your child, sibling etc are about to change who you are and what you are used to.  Do not  be sad about an ending. Be excited for a new beginning. 

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The key words to take away from your awesome contributions is "don't be scared about an ending but be excited about a new beginning". Meaning the sadness would usher in new freshness of the happiness. Thanks!
That is exactly correct!  You are very welcome! I have been fighting this emotional battle myself for a while now. I think the worst hurt was when my 17 year old was shipped off to boot camp.. That hit me pretty hard. However, it has brought more pride than hurt.  So, it really surpasses the sadness.
I am very happy for you over your boy. What you thought would bring you more hurt has brought pride and sense of fulfilment.

Absolutely, I thought it would continue to hurt. However, she made me more proud than I could ever be sad.  She still makes me so proud. She is one of the best mothers I have ever met.  She has morals and respect. I couldn't be more proud.  So don't feel sad for long. You are allowed to grieve of course.  But in the end, the leaving of the nest is only the beginning.   :D

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