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I am trying to get myself a new place, and I don't know how to go about it. To make matter worst, I am trying to get it far away from where I am staying presently. So many things are running through my mind like how do I get a reliable agent that can help me in this regard because I don't want to fall a victim for scammers. What do you suggest I do?
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Ypu need to book a hotel where you want to go, it is good if you book it ahead.
Well, over here in my country there are some house rent agents who are known for the job of finding an accommodation anywhere in the state for anyone who needs their services. 

So, if such agency exists in your state, better make use of them and get a new accommodation anywhere you want. 

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To be able to search for the apartment that you really want, you first need to list all your 'musts'. For instance, does it have to be located in a convenient spot (ie. Near transport areas), do you want a studio type apartment, do you want amenities to be provided, do you want two rooms if in case you'll want a roommate later on, etc. Defining these things will help you narrow down your searches. Moreover, I think indicating the probable length of stay that you're planning to would matter. Or you could just talk to the landlord/lady about this. All the more important matter, which I almost forgot, is how much you can afford to pay. Personally, I consider this as the topmost filter whenever I move from one apartment to another. Then comes all the other features that I l'm looking for.

The next thing to do is to search the internet for reliable apartment-search websites in your area. Pretty sure there are a lot so you also need to do quite a few readings/reviews to see if these are legitimate sites.
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Getting a place far away can still be easy if you put your mind to it and focus on what you really want, if you have the time you can search around the area you need the apartment.

You go around those areas enquiring maybe from each houses and try to find out if you can see a vacant apartment. You can meet some people in the area and tell them about your housing needs,they should help you check around or asked about the owner of the houses in the area you need your apartment and meet them personally and asked if they have spare rooms because sometimes the tenants or other renters might not be aware there are vacant rooms even in their vicinity. I will like you searching yourself and meeting the landlord your self

But if this fails then use an agent and try to verify first before using one and use one around the area that you want to get an apartment.
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You can join several Facebook groups which mainly deal with marketing. I have joined one within my country and it deals with everything to do with marketing. You can post your query and am sure you won't miss to get a reply. But then you need to find an active group  otherwise you won't get help.

Also, you can try finding the house manually. By this I mean, you visit an estate of your dream and go around asking house keepers whether you can get a house having certain conditions. Finally, you can use your internet, use Google and enter your query regarding houses and prices. Alternatively and most convenient is using  sites like olx. There are several dealers dealing with houses and they're always advertising vacant houses and how much they cost including the location.
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There see too many scam going on in the world right now and it kept closing the gap of having a truthful relation or transaction with even a close family.

Imagine, a brother abroad who entrusted his siblings wi5h building contract worth his life saving. After spending tough and hard time doing petty jobs and sending home all his life saving hoping to meet a mansion and a mini groundnut oil factory! Only to get home and meet nothing. Meaning even the pictures that were sent to him weren't real. He was duped by his own family, not to talk of agent,

Recently, a guy sold a a non existing airport and a pool to a white man, amounting to millions of dollars and at the end all documents and pictures were actually fake.

So on a sincere note, I'll implore you to visit the place, get in touch with many online agents and arrive in an hotel then within a day or two with your money, trust me, you'll get your desired apartment or better still, you should send some one you trust to go there and perfect the deal.
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