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How social media have impact on a student's life?

asked Mar 7 in Others+Miscelleneous by josephine on approval (0 cents)

Social media made the students to shrink towards themselves. They are totally out of the real world relations and goes on creating friends in the fake world of social media. Some students doesn't even know what is happening around him. They became self-oriented and care to communicate with people only to satisfy his own needs. .How social media have  impact on a student's life? It can be positive or negative depending on how he/she use those media?If you want writing service,please contact essay writing service reviews,one of the best writing service available

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answered Mar 13 by anonymous
social media plays an important role in current scenario.all are busy making friends in social medias and forget about our surrounding relationships.all  love to live in virtual relationships.the direct communication among people is decreasing day by day.students have a great impact on social medias.they lost concentration on there studies and they focus  major time on chating and everything become online so that no need to go out for our needs.