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Do you think this statement "all men are polygamous" in nature holds water ?

I'm not even just talking about it in the context of marriage. There are many unmarried couples living or not living together. 

Does it only matter when a man is married. There are thousands of men who can never marry more than a wife but they have side chicks and concubines. Does this take anything away from the character because they didn't make it legal? 

I've also read somewhere about a census that says a man must have cheated at least once in his lifetime. How true is this? 
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I think that with the traits men exhibit, I may not be all wrong if I assume that polygamy is inherent in men.

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I was reading an article which said that men are not naturally monogamous and as we know in some cultures it is perfectly natural for a man to have many wives. However in most civilised countries it is considered wrong. I currently watch a programme called "my Four Wives" which is based on a man and his four wives who live in the USA and call themselves sister wives. It's interesting but fraught with problems and there many children  most of whom do not want to be in polygamous relationships when they are old enough to marry.  Although they all call themselves wives he is only legally married to one of them and there has been a lot of jealously involved over the years,

It's interesting to note that polyandry where a woman has many husbands or polyamory where there are multiple husbands and wives is not often heard of but it does exist in certain cultures but we have been conditioned to believe that it is better to mate with one person.
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I've also seen that programme a couple of time and I found it a little strange for white folks. I believe it can never be a smooth ride with multiple partners. However legal or socially accepted, problems will always arise. 
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That's true. Men are naturally polygamous even though they never introduce their other 'wives' to the family. I think it just comes naturally and as they say, a man cannot love only one girl. But then considering the world's population, you'll find that the % of female is high that that of men thus the situation is understandable if men opt to cheat.

But then,some men are literally crazy and and end up destroying their own marriages because of side chicks, end up wasting their cash on them and finally go back to their wives. Actually that's the main problem when it comes to men. They usually don't think outside the box. Also, some women prefer their husbands having side chicks instead of marrying second wives because it will end up bringing collisions one day.
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So, is it okay for a man to cheat? If so, is cheating somehow better than marrying a second wife? 
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The first reaction I had the moment I read the topic question was a huge laughter because I simply can't help it knowing the fact that it's true to some extent. If I'm to tally it in percentage on the number of men who are polygamous in nature, my analysis would be about 75% of men if left unchecked to live their lives as they please would all be polygamous.
One of the reasons for such behavior is that we men always appreciate what's good when comes to beautiful women, and if allowed, we would like to have them all. To my fellow men, please forgive me for being blunt but it's exactly who most of us are and there is no need denying it.
Women are part of this phenomenon because they work so hard to get our attention and it's what pulls us to want more and never get satisfied. This is actually why some women label all men as cheats.
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I appreciate your honesty especially that you are speaking from the male perspective. I believe a huge percentage of men are physically attracted to more than one woman. 
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That is really sad, if you able to meet a man that cannot be loyal to you in action. I know that quote from even before because I even hear it to some people around me. Men are polygamous by nature and they cannot stick to one relationship at one time. But not all. I think being polygamous are titled to those who are not being loyal but there are men who are loyal and they can be honestly loyal to the one they love.  It is sad to think that being polygamous will create a lot of trouble and family problem. It can even break a happy family. I am sad to know that the concubines are even more braver that the legal wife because they never stop and they really want the husband of another wife to choose her. I guess Karma is digital to people who are doing this kind of things.
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Yes there are loyal ones out there too. I think the reason for concubines being so brave is a story for another chapter. It is just so sad. 
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I don't think it's something we can just determine by saying one cheats more than the other, because this days it like a competition. For that very reason there's no statistics to back up the claim that men or women cheat more than the other. But one thing is certain they are all into it.

Looking at the whole thing holistically, one might give in to the bias that due to the believe that men are polygamous in nature as it stereotyoically insinuated in some quarter, that men are more into cheating than the women. Oh yes! When you take a visit to the Africa part of the world, maybe you would be swayed by this assumption because the majority of the men usually marry not less than three wives.

On the contrary, we can not say that women are lagging behind in cheating too because they are also very good at what they do.
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You are right on point but this answer goes to the question about cheating and not about polygamy as it is stated here. 
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I don't think it natural for anyone to be polygamous in nature,life is about choices and one deciding to choose polygamy doesn't mean it a natural thing to do,especially things that are free.

God didn't create men to be polygamous, going by the Bible standard God created only Eve for Adam and not Adam for 3-4 women but because he has given man the power of freewill to choose how they want to live and some men choosing to be with more than 2 women doesn't makes it acceptable or natural in any way.
Anyone that disobey God's injuctions suffers,look at a polygamous family we will always encounter strifes,fight,war and the rest.Such a setting can't be a natural thing but merely out of greed and coveteouness. Monogamy is just the natural way and men are not polygamous in nature, no body should get it twisted.
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Most of the time, I am not part of those that always jump into this form of hasty generalization about something. This is a fallacy that doesn't hold water at all. The word that all men are polygamous in nature is used by some men that won't become responsible as they want to continue cheating in the relationship that they are into. I have seen men that never cared about cheating and an example is my late grandad. Before he died, he used to tell us sincere stories about his lifetime and how he did everything to ensure that our grandma lived in peace with him.
When he speak back in those days, I see a man of integrity and love for his family for it is only a man that doesn't love his family will go ahead to cheat on the wife. So, I don't agree with that notion that a man must have cheated once in his life time for there were men and still men that don't bother about relationships till they are ready for marriage.
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