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I just want to specifically ask guys about attraction: 1: Would you guys in general insult a random woman to get her attention? 2: If you found a woman ugly or if an average man found a woman ugly, would you bother staring at her? Or bother making any remarks?  Id be very happy if you could answer these. I'm just interested. I want reasons as to why they do this, not why I'm too bothered as such.

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answered by Patron (1,551 points) 2 9 24
I can't speak for other guys.I can only speak for myself.Each of us is unique,so is our demeanour towards the opposite sex.

Most times if I find a lady attractive,I will not want to stare at her for too long because I wouldn't want to appear creepy.I may look at her for a brief moment and then look away.If a girl is aware you are staring at her,she may have the idea that you are attracted to her and I don't want her to detect any hint of attraction.Afterwards, I will walk up to her and talk to her.I don't approach every girl I'm attracted to though

Insulting a lady to get her attention is low.I know some guys do it.If a guy is attracted to a lady,he may simply treat her like trash or just make the girl"s presence invisible. I fall into the latter category. We call it reverse psychology
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If i may ask, is this question meant for the men only, or are the women also entitled to answer? Anyway i will answer being a woman, because we are the one's being talked about here. As human beings, it would be quite unfortunate to know that men would only look at the outward person without even considering the other aspects of the person. I will answer your question by saying a guy who insults a woman for starters is a coward. That is the only way he is going to gain courage and tell the girl that he is interested. Why else would he insult her? I don't tgink being ugly is the thing here, because it could also be same for the guy. A girl would rather ignore the fact that there is a guy infront of her, than abuse or insult him. It makes no sense to insult someone. You would rather approach and be denied.

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