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I have dated men younger than myself in the past and although I wanted to believe it didn't matter in the end it did. Some people do make it work though. What do you think?
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Age does not matter when it come to dating though, most men dated older women maybe because women mature early then men. Mature men not by physical but but their decision making.
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Our choice differs from one person to another. So, it's all about what someone likes and nothing more than that. 

I think that some go for older women because they have better sense of maturity. 
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I think it has become the new trend nowadays for men to date older women. I don't know whether its by choice or by circumstance. Way back it was the other way round when men would date younger women. Anyway i think roles are changing and it has been embraced. I don't see anything wrong, it all depends on an individual if you feel right about it, why not go ahead. But it also has its pros and cons. Sometimes later in the marriage, that is if they got married, conflicts start coming up on who is the disciplinarian, who's the custodian, who has a say on what matter and so on. In most cases you will find the lady take up most of the roles because she's probably the one running the home, thus making the man feel inadequate and disrespected. That's where i would say it wouldn't really be a good idea, but if you agree you can stay together well.

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Age has always being a number to me what matters more is an individual attitude in a relationship. It doesn't just about the age in most cases I'm not ruling out the point that some people act their ages but they're also older people that act so immaturely so everything boil down to one's understanding.

I have dated both younger and older partners and I realise that maturely isn't about age but about,if one really want to grow emotionally, psychologically, financially and otherwise and learn about life's coping skills than throwing tantrums. Unless one just have preference for younger partners but if one finds love with an older woman,the shouldn't be a problem with them,there should be more insight into it than just age.
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I think there is nothing wrong with men dating older women, after all, being in this set-up is a mutual decision. However, this type of relationship may face some troubles due to issues on maturity and generation gap (if in case the gap is really huge). I have a friend who is dating a guy younger than her. She told me that there are times when their humor won't meet each other. That she had to explain to him that she was just joking or being sarcastic about certain things, and vice versa. Women are often viewed to be more mature than men; hence, in their case, when it comes to some instances requiring major decision, she often takes the lead. Although such is the case, both of them do embrace their differences just like any couple. They also get to learn a lot from each other, as they both have different perspectives in life.

One thing that kind of makes them worry is how and what other people will think about their relationship. Sure they get a lot of negative opinions, and they do admit that such words affect them and their relationship. But what I liked about both of them is that they are very vocal about their feelings and how they would want their relationship to proceed.
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I cannot recommend such a relationship even if the age difference is 1 year. According to science,  ladies tend to mature more fast than men. In fact its not even recommended to marry your age mate because you'll be unfair to him, according to science. When you'll be busy thinking about the future he'll still stuck in the present, partying and etceteras.
A very good age difference is  between 3 to 5 years  past that it's something different. Although what matters is love, you still need to consider other factors especially when it comes to marriage especially for  a lady. It reaches a time when you feel like you really need to find someone as young as you. Making decisions like those aren't easy and you need to ask first before going ahead.
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There's nothing more to it than the traditional type of relationship. It may look and feel weird to many people in the society as it is not normally seen everyday. Nobody really raises an eyebrow when a girl dates an older man. This is because society has always placed men above women regardless of age. So no matter the relationship, the men are expected to take the position of lead.

Drawing from that, logically it shouldn't matter the age of the man in a relationship since he should be accorded with the same respect any ways. Further more, maturity comes with age as well but age isn't a determinant for maturity. You could be dating an older man who is just a grown baby.

Having said all that, what matters is that both couples are on the same wavelength and level of understanding, carry each other along. After all, a person can only meet you only as deeply as they have met themselves.
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We only get insecure or the feeling uncomfortable will only starts once the prying eyes of public keep on looking at both of you. To be real, there is nothing wrong with men dating older women if both are single. It means they can have relationship to people they want to be with. Some of the people are judgemental and they will start assuming even if you start explaining. For me, as long as both are not tie up in a relationship with someone, nothing should they worry about. Older women likes younger man because they feel younger again. Younger man are funny and interesting. I think it really depends of what you prefer, older than you or younger than you, as long as you are truly happy with them and they are single, nothing should stop you to pursue each other. However, if the older woman is like 80 years old and the younger is 30 below, then I guess I will raise my eyebrow.

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