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It's hard to find out DDR2 RAM memories nowadays. Moreover, these old ones are doing sold at a very high market price. Can I use a ddr3 ram on a motherboard which originally supports ddr2 on it? If so will there be any future problems?

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No. You can't. This a common question asked by many customers in a PC hardware shop. Each and every motherboard is built in such a way that supports a special type of memory/RAM. If it is DDR2 then you must use DDR2 RAM only. You can't use a ddr3 ram on a ddr2 slot and vice versa.
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No you can't use a DDR3 on DDR2 slot in motherboard unless your motherboard supports a DDR3 RAM memory. Most commonly motherboards are not backward compatible too in case of RAM modules.
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This is not possible because the two memory boards are designed differently. A DDR3 memory won't fit at all in the slot for DDR2 memory. The same holds true if you want to add DDR2 memory to a DDR3 slot. However, they did build a few motherboards that you could either use DDR3 or DDR2 on the board. These boards gave you the choose what memory you want to use. They had 2 slots for DDR2 and 2 slots for DDR3. If your motherboard has this option then you can use DDR3 on this board.

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