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When I say junk foods, I am talking of some snacks like meat pie and the rest of them. Does taking it always make one gain weight that easy? 
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yes, eating too much junk foods are not healthy, it can cost too many complications in a long run.

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Taking junks once in a while will not make you fat outrighlty. However, making it a routine and eating them consistently will definitely take a toll on your weight. Like you said, they are snacks and adding them to your diet as snack time isn't so healthy.

These so called junks are full of carbs, unhealthy fats and oils with little vitamins, minerals, and other elements. Some junks are processed food as well. When you have a diet full of these, you know you are getting less essential nutrients and more carbs that eventually turns into excess.

Your body needs just about enough energy. So when you have too much carbs being converted into energy than the body can use, they are stored as fat hence leading to excessive  weight gain.
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You are right as the unhealthy oil that is used to make some of the junk food is something that we should be really careful about. We have to eat right in order to live right. 
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The answer to the question on whether junk food have the potential of making the individual who engages in eating them often can gain weight as a result of that act is an absolute yes. Eating junk food will definitely make you gain weight and be fat. The main reason why eating junk foods makes one gain fat is that you don't have any eating pattern when it comes to eating junk foods. Most people who eat junk foods suffer eating disorders and it's not a healthy eating habit.

I can still remember very vividly when I was still a student in the university, eating junk food is something most students are used to because students are always hungry because most people don't feed well. As a result of being hungry always, makes students take to eating junk food which makes most of us become overweight.
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This is true as I can relate this situation to when I was a student. Eating junk food is pretty normal that time which makes one eat as they like. However, I don't see it as the right attitude to eating fine. 
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Consuming junks on a regularly basis or as substitute for actual meals will most definitely affect the body in an unhealthy manner, especially when the target body does not engage on regular workout routines. In most cases, situatiins of this nature results to the body gaining unwanted excess weight, or fat as it's popularly called.

Junk foods are almost completely unhealthy, this is because of their lack in proper nutrients which is needed for a balance diet, plus junks pack a whole lots of calories which might be in excess to the body's proportion, and also not forgetting sugar. A meal that lacks a whole lot nutrients but is packed with calories and sugar in excess is like a death sentence to the body. This is because without other vital nutrients like vitamins, the body tends to function abnormally, thereby reducing the production of body core temperature which helps to burn calories.

Over 50% of obesity recorded problems are from the united states. This is because the u.s is home to an overwhelming amount of junk food vendors. Most Americans settle for junks as a fast way of being fed without the stress of cooking actual foods. This goes to show the harmful effects of junks.

The only safest way to consume junks without any negative health risk like gaining unwanted weight is by very little consumption mixed with other nutrient based foods along side regular exercise routines.
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I always try to work out at the gym so as to be able to shed some weight off. This is something that has helped me so much to remain on the right track. 
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It could be a source of weight gain if you will do it as a habit. It is not bad to eat snacks like that when you are craving for it, but do it only once. Some people who are too stress are into stress eating. They eat the food that they thought will change their mood, make them temporary happy and because it is temporary, the problem will come arise when you are done eating. Snack foods contain preservatives. They need to stock the snack foods that is why it has lots of preservatives, to make it last long. You do  not gain weight alone with those snacks, but you will get some illnesses in the future if you continue doing it. If you will eat snacks, make sure you eat it once, not all the time. Don't make it part of your lifestyle. Snack foods are not that bad when you eat in moderation.
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I am getting to learn that one can fall ill by eating junk and it seems true because you will be in that position where you will be taking foods that is not balanced as long as good diet is concerned.
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Yes, junk foods are number one contributors when it comes to weight gain. That's exactly what they do, nothing more and nothing less. They are called junk foods simply because they add nothing to the body when consumed, but instead contribute to the sum total of the problems the body have.
Basically, junk foods are unhealthy to the body because they are not only making one to become over weight, but they also have the propensity of clogging blood vessels such as arteries and veins, thereby making them unable to transport important bodily materials needed for essential body functioning. And it doesn't just stop there, due to this blood vessel blockage caused by them, humans become highly predisposed to various forms of diseases such as artheroscloresis, stroke, plaques, cardiovascular diseases, and many more.

Furthermore, the reason junk foods cause these several conditions is as a result of what they are made up of. Specifically, they are packed with trans fats that are highly saturated, which are in greasy forms. When eaten, they add up to the body free radicals which react unwholesomely with other body fluids, thus causing all the aforementioned diseases.

Important point worthy of note is, instead of going for junk foods, why not just consume foods that are balanced diet, which are rich in all the six classes of foods including fruits and vegetables. Junks food are not only snacks like meat pie and the rest, but any processed foods such as fried meat, fried chicken, white bread, white rice, and so on so forth.
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Eating meals that are balanced is something that we should all endeavor to be taking. This is one of the ways that we can enjoy being fit and healthy always. 
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Definitely it does and it can get one gaining weight very easy and fast too. Junks like snacks are heavy loaded with sugar,sweeteners,addictive and flovors and all of these contain so much calories and when consume it spike up blood sugar making one crave for more and then one consuming more.

These snacks aren't really filling and as such the more we tend to eat them and not filled we tend to consume more and of course to gain 1 kg of weight one just needs about 3200 calories so by the time one takes a slice of cake which contains.about 570 calories with a fizzy drink like 550ml ofcoca cola which has 210 calories that is about 780 calories from what we might want to eat again the next 1 hour so within two days one can gain a kg of fat.
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You have a good point in the sense that no matter how we consume those junk foods,  we always find it difficult to get filled. I enjoy cooking at home and it has been helpful to me as well. 

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