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There are an adage in my country that says, "you can't exclude biting when fighting" but for health reasons, it's not advisable.

Do you have the habit of biting when you are involved in a fight? 

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6 Answers

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Do people still settles disputes in this  era by fighting, I detest any one that goes physical with a person let alone  fight and be biting the next person. Such a person should be checked into a mental home, it can't be normal.
That adage from your place is both funny and weird at the same time.I have say that fighting have never brought any benefit because I'm yet to see one ,so I'm wondering what will be the benefit one can then gain from fighting and biting.
Good a thing people are more into settling disputes more now through dialogue than going physical at least my immediate family prefers dialogue than fighting. So I'm following suit I can never fight no matter what I either dialogue and we sort things out we leave it that way.
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Biting while fighting is a very absurd act that must be avoided critically for health reasons . thought it is even very bad to fight but even when it occurs one must not bite like a dog.
It is not longer a news that the world is full with very deadly skin diseases ranging from cancers and sort of.

I've visited many health hospital and found a lot of patients who contacted diseases through a very confuse means.

A recent research shoes that there are enough virus that can't be cured or destroyed by saliva fluid.

So I don't think dispute is expected to be solved through violence but even as at violence one must avoid fluid contact because of some deadly diseases.

I saw someone recently suffering from mouth cancer and first thing that occur to me is how he actually con5acted it.
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I don't think that those that always bite when the are fighting do it with their right senses as I don't think anything for someone to resort to this horrible act when you are engaged in a fight with somebody. First of all, I am totally against any form of fighting as I believe that settling any form of dispute in the best way should not involve having to fight because someone may get injured or even die in the process. We are humans and God has given us the wisdom to be able to settle conflicts in the best manner that we seem it fit to make it happen.

Biting while fighting can also result in some one contracting diseases and viruses when the person that is fighting with has got any of those diseases in the body. Also, how would any one feel when they injure somebody with the teeth all in the name of fighting. It is an act that is not good at all.
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Biting is not good for any reason whatsoever. You don't have any idea of the health conditions of the skin you are biting, so instead of biting when fighting, it's better to not get into the fight since you are aware the person is stronger than you. 
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I haven't bite anyone during physical fight because I am more of targeting the nose,the chin and the eyes when I want to hurt someone. It really gives me success when I am targeting the weakest part, especially the groin, but nope, I am done with physical fights. However, if I need to defend myself from someone who is strangling me in the neck, making me hard to breathe I do not think twice but I will bite that person if I can reach the skin. My goal is to survive the strangling and I need to defend myself. For health issues, you can eat the allergies or the dirt of someone's skin when you bite it. It can cause some illnesses that could lead to a major one if you do not take antibiotics and vitamins. You need to brush your teeth as well. What is important is that you defend yourself.
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For real? Are people still fighting talk more of biting when doing it? I am baffled by the question. Notwthstanding though, maybe there are still those uneducated who still settle disputes with physical violence. But if asked, I would say is not worth it getting into fighting with anyone while there are better ways to resolve differences this days.

As for me, biting while fighting is an act of cannibalism, which should be condemned with the strong of terms. Why would two people be fighting and another is biting? It's preposterious. Just in case they don't know the dangers involved in biting, the person biting and the person beaten are both at risks of being affected by the biting.

More seriously, there is tendency of the person biting getting affected by diseases transmitted through the blood like HIV since blood would definitely spill from the beaten body. While the person beaten can also contract teeth diseases tetanus.
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Oh dear! I didn't see this one coming. Why would you want to get in a physical fight let alone bite someone. I know tempers can be raised and limits crossed during an argument. Still it doesn't give anyone the right to hit another person.
There are many ways to settle disputes. Besides fighting doesn't settle it, it makes the situation worse. There's a phrase in my country that goes "quarter to go". You never know the persons present condition and your first hit might just be the call. Then you'd be blamed for murder.
When you bite someone, you have no idea the kind of exchange of bacteria and other microorganisms that would occur. Don't be the one to catch disease just because you couldn't be civil. Fight, biting and whatever is not good.
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