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People make a lot of fuss about reading books but I don't know why not much is said about reading the holy book Bible. 

Do you still read Bible? 

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7 Answers

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Yea,as a Christian I don't just get to church weekly with my Bible I use it more often during the week.Reading the Bible alone give me more insight to the true meaning of each bible passages. Pastors and preachers are humans like us not devoid of errors so sometimes their human thoughts kicks in to give us their own version of what shouldn't be but by reading the bible ourselves we can understand God's word better from God's perspective.

I try to read the Bible daily ,this is made possible because of the daily devotions we have every morning in my home and even after that we still have a question and answer session during the week and weekends too about things in the bible. So bible reading and studying isn't neglected at all in my family.
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Emphatically yes. The holy book, Bible, is the most important book to me. And it's the only book I can't do without. My love for the word of God has been right from when I was a kid, and up on till now, it has remain like that. It is the only book that gives me the needed motivation and inspiration for my day to day activities.

The use of bible as standard of living for me started when I was a kid. I remember when my mom used to buy those kiddish bible filled with pictures for me. She often sat me down back then and narrate all the stories in it to me. And as I grew up, I began to build on those knowledge by reading it by myself and having a deep understanding on the practical side of it on how significant they were to my life.
Interestingly, as a christian, I travel with my bible to anywhere I am going to. And there is this conviction I have deep down inside of me that with my bible by myself, no harm can get to me, and it has been working for me.
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I don't know if am the only one experiencing this. There's a time Bible used to be like a story book to me but with time especially after buying a smartphone, I just lost interest. No matter how hard I try to regain the interest, I usually don't get there. What I normally do nowadays is just read one or two chapters especially from psalms or proverbs before going to sleep.

There's a certain research I read somewhere that if you read four verses everyday, you'll be able to read the whole bible within one year. I think I'll adapt to this because I really need to be familiar with my Bible because at times I tend to forget where certain books are located and it's quite embarrassing especially when am in the church. I usually find it easy using the soft copy from my phone.
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I have an app in my android phone and I downloaded a Bible App. There is a part in the app that I can use when I am at work, I read it during break time. I can access the app even without internet that is why I regularly read it. I read it and I pray after. However, sometimes I skip it when I am too tired at work. My priority is to rest. I mostly scheduled reading during the weekends. We really need to read the bible because the problem we are facing today, it even happens before Christ and God has the answer of what we will do to face our problems. The word of God will be our inspiration, a mighty wall that we will reach out when we cannot carry it all. It is thru Bible that God is talking to us. He is sharing the life of Jesus Christ because he wants us to be the same so that we can experience eternal life with him.
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Yes now I'm back to Bible reading. There is a time when I'm really excited to read the whole Bible and enjoy the stories and wisdom you can get from it. But time also came when I totally lose interest in reading it. I stop for a year reading the Bible. I find the Bible too serious so I stop for a while.

Then this August I decided to have daily devotions again and to read it everyday. I just read a chapter a day and I copy on my notebook the verses that catch my attention and seems important for me to remember.

I enjoy reading the Bible again. I see new revelations and events that I did not notice before. I'm now in 1 Samuel and I appreciate it.

For me reading the Bible is my commitment to God. I do it first thing in the morning to show God that I put Him first and I depend on the Bible for guidance and wisdom
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As Christians, we should endeavor to read our Bible always as this is the only way that we can connect with our creator. One thing that I know is that God is not man and for us to interact with him, we should always read our bible since it is like a manual to know the mind of God.

I have always have the need to open some chapters of the Bible and use them as way to motivate myself that everything is going to be fine in the long-term. You can't really call yourself a Christian when it is difficult for you to read the scriptures. I used to be in that position where reading the Bible was pretty difficult for me, but I am thankful to the almighty God that has made me possible for me to always read the Bible and get to see the things that he wishes us to achieve as people of the Lord.
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I grow up not knowing what bible is but we attend church every Sunday. I didn't saw my parents either reading the bible. I saw a tiny bible in our altar but never opened it. When I'm in my teens I went into the city and I meet this people who are religious. They invited me in their church and with no hesitation I came. I saw most of them holding a big bible and they really open to read during the service. The person who invited me are very nice people they never let me feel I wasn't belong. They are very accommodating and friendly. Since then I always come back until they asked me about the seminar that they are going to held. And I attended the full week seminar and at the end of the day they will asked who wants willing to received Jesus as savior and so I did. They also included a big bible for me to read. That's how I started to read the bible but after few years I stop. I barely open the bible nowadays since there is bible applications on my smartphone.
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