There is a grand father who took a bar exam. He wants to make his dream to come true and wants to be successful. He is still on the process of making it happen and he wants to be successful. Do you think being Successful has no age?
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Well, in my opinion age don't really matter so much when it comes to being successful in life and business. What makes all the difference is opportunity and how the person makes use of it. 
I agree, also on how people use their time, which is limited to make their dreams come true. I really admire those people who never stop and always thinking it is never too late. 

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Yes. I believe that being successful has no age. You may ask how, why and all the other questions like 'is there a proof' for this, etc, etc. Yes. There is proof for this. Everything is in our mind only with a desire to achieve. Age is just a number. It has no connection with the desire to achieve.

Now, let me come to the proof of this. Very recently, a 96 year old Karthyayani Amma from Kerala, the southernmost state of India, has scored 98% out of 100 and topped the Kerala's literacy exam, her class 4 examination and was presented the pass certificate by the Chief Minister of Kerala, Sri.Pinarayi Vijayan. By securing 98% , she has topped Kerala. No doubt, she got the attention of the nation and  it was telecast by all the channels in India.
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Oh my she is really inspiring. I admire people who never stops achieving what they want and thinking they still have a future, regardless of age. I want more stories about this. 
Seriously, I'm of the opinion that age is nothing but just a number. If you are determined to succeed in life, your age wouldn't be a barrier to your success. 
This story is really inspiring one. I agree being successful has no ages. Age is just a number. 
The answer or story is really inspired and it a well story that have so many meaning
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I totally believe that success has nothing to do with age.Anyone can groom self and blossom in any age. Sometimes we can't just help ourselves until mother luck smiles on us and give us our heart desires. Some people have wanted to become this or that at a certain age but it never came to pass but maybe few years down the line it happened, I won't think it has anything to do with the age of the person I just want to believe that is when what has happened was meant to happen.

I always tell people life shouldn't be a competition and as such we shouldn't try to envy anyone both people that are below and above our age. The most important thing is that we are moving on daily and we will someday get to our destination despite our age.So success has nothing to do with one's age.
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Yes, some success are meant to happen with people that is why we meet it regardless of age. sometimes we gave up and then try again. But being successful of a person always has a reason and there to inspire  you.
Exactly! I completely agree with you on this about stating that success has nothing to do with age because my father at the age of 21 years old was already a well established business man who owned 2 companies. 
yes that is a good answer it well interested answer that such a good answer
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Oh yes! Success has no time limit or certain age attached to it. Anybody can be successful at anytime, be it at young or old age. There are those that find success at very tender age while we also have those that find theirs at later years of their live.

When it comes to success, there is no specific definition for it. What one might consider to be successful, others might not tag it same name, because there are every areas of human lives that if in any of them one fails, we can't say that that person is successful in that aspect of life. In essence, there are those that are successful in career, but yet fail in marriages. Same with those successful in family, but fail in their health.

So therefore, if we really want to define what success is, it can then be seen as a sum total of life achievement encompassing all aspects, not one piece to the puzzle missing. That is called complete success. Interestingly, complete success can't be achieved like sprint but gradually as it is with marathon.
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It is like the saying, success are those for the people who never stops regardless of pain. I want to be like them and they are really inspirational.
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The reality of decisions that we take is that you will always get to that part where you are not enjoying some good things that you want in life when you are younger, but have the opportunity to enjoy them when you are growing older. I always see this as a means of you trying to be successful.

I am of the opinion that as long as there is life, we shouldn't be afraid of trying new things as this is one of the ways that we can ensure that we push things to work pretty okay for us.

There is always that possibility that this older man that you are talking about may end up getting so much successful in the field of law once he is able to pass some exams that is going to be set for him.

This is the only way that many that doubted that he is not going to make it will now agree that with passion and commitment, nothing is impossible.
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I agree, when you are old, you are more open minded with that kind of stuffs that you will be saying to yourself, how I wish I had done this while I was young so I can enjoy it more. 
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I believe that there's no age to become successful. No age, color, sex, race for success. Just like how people grow, learn at different times and have different sizes,,that is how success comes for different people.
If everyone becomes successful at the same time, there'd be no hierarchy. That is not the way the universe works. Think about it as earth revolving round the sun. Only parts receiving rays experience  datlight. Hence only the ones that have really found themselves and their path at a particular time become successful.
After all, different people use different yard stick to measure success. Success is achieving all of your dreams. Some people dream big and others have very simple dreams. It is left for you to make it count.
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I agree, some dreams are easy to achieve when we be more realistic in reaching it. I guess if we are not doing anything to make it happen, then it will never happen.
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In respect to your narration before asking the question if age determine success.  In my opinion age as relevance to determine the success of any body provided the person has grown to the stage of knowing the good and the bad.
The fact that we are all human does not mean we all have the same features likewise our destiny differ and our life is program such that a particular time some things happen in our life.
People who are destined to be rich or wealthy even if they in there old age the wealthy will still come to reality.  I have read about people who never a university degree at age 60 yet they enrolled into the University as students with their determination they were able to successfully certified. There was a man who also became a president at 90 or 95 years so success is regardless age.
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Oh sometimes it reflects on how long you reacted to making it happen and how eager you are to dream and making it happen. some people starts to dream late and some dream in advance but really had a hard time making it happen.
You are right,  that is the more reason why a child or a person who lives with someone who achieve his or her dreams or goals in late age will have lot to learn from the person's mistakes in the early stage. 
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There will be always timing in everything to become successful in life. No matter what age or where it is, if it;\'stime for you to shine no one can stop you.Like for example, Kim Chiu she was famous in his time at a young age and now she is successful person. Another example is Maymay Entrata, at the age of 19 she become idol and now she become successful and still continuing to be more successful. Those are at young age, and no matter what we dream of if we become successful with it, it's considered personal success.

I have heard at Rated-K also this old lady, because she didn't finished her school at young age she go back to school so she can finished it. And I think she is in her 40's or 50's. For me, no matter what dream of, small or big, and no matter what ages we may get it, it is considered personal success.
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There is someone who is 90 years old and just graduated from college. He never stop because that is the only legacy he will leave on this earth and his grand children. Yes, there is no age for it.
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I think it all depends on what you define success to be. I like to think that success doesn't need to come in the form of cash or property being acquired. Success simply means achieving a height or goal that might have seem very impossible at the start of it. Drawing from my personal definition of success and your question's narration, i think I can relate to the question.

In situations like this, success has very little to do with age. We might not know the actual reason why this grandpa chose to sit for bar exams, but i want to assume an elderly person taking bar exams is probably an act of self achievement. Maybe he had always wanted to take the exams, or maybe he had done so in the past but failed, and as such vowed that he would make certain to take it again. Whatever his reason, achieving this goal will be classified as success for me since he struggled to get to that point.

But if we sincerely have an open mind and honest discussion, age still has a lot to do with success on a long term basis. A grandpa sitting for bar exams to achieve his dream of working in a firm might seem a little off as there's little or no time left for him to be around. The same can be said on success with regards to getting rich. A very old person getting rich suddenly is a little too late in my opinion. When do such get to enjoy the benefits of their life long hard work?
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That person vowed that before he dies, he will achieve something he dream off and will be successful. Passing an exam is a success to him. I guess we all have different levels of success. 
Seems like his reasons aligned with my assumptions. I think it's brave of him to have writing that exam in a quest for achieving personsal success. 
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Yes, I believe so that being successful has no timeline. God has crafted our success in his own perfect timeline. And being successful has different meanings to different persons. Some define successful as simple as to have a complete and happy family. Others define it with material things. I guess being successful is just a state of my mind.
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Yes. I believe there is no age for being successful. There are many living examples here. 

Ray Kroc : Spent his career toiling away as a milkshake sales man. At the age of 52, Ray Kroc purchased McDonalds. Some other examples are : Andrea Bocelli, Henry Ford, Oprah Winfrey.
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Yes I do believe that being successful has no age, whether you are in early 20's or late in 60's or any other age group. Getting success in what you want and want to achieve does't stops you whatever your age might be. Your determination, perseverance, hard work, attitude, dedication that is what all matter. 
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If Kernel sanders can be successful in the old age, what is stopping you? Success is not slave of age, gender, disability etc. You have to put in the effort and reach to the success where it can take you. That's how the success willl be working. Not taking action leads to not being successful. 

You have to keep on learning and taking action. That is what works in the long term. I have seen it working for many as well. So find out what works for you and start taking action. 
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Yes is true that being successful has no age every one can achieve their goal it does not depend on age and it has nothing to do with age
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