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answered by LEGEND (7,490 points) 4 15 39
If a person has written a negative review of your website or blog and the article is untrue or has false statements you can issue a TOC. This is a takedown order that you can send to the owner of the site. Your best bet is to send the person an email and try to work this out. You might end up having to hire a lawyer, in the end, to help fight this. Today, there are many sites online that are there to help you and tell you how to handle this problem in a professional way. Don't go on your site and write up a negative blog post about this other website. In the end, you'll both have many problems to sort out. it is best to handle this the correct way and follow the advice of experts online. They are there to help you out and tell or teach you how to take care of this and have the article removed.
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answered by Patron (1,912 points) 2 6 14
You can try and find out that person concerned and request him to pull out the said negative post that is in bad taste. On the other hand, based on what the other person has written about your website, you can improve the quality of your website in all aspects and shatter the myth and lies that 'other' person has stated about your site on his blog.

I wish this helps you.
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answered by LEGEND (6,078 points) 2 10 28
Have you read the blog against your blog? Do you think or feel it is quite offensive on your part and even could ruin your reputation? Do you think the negative blog mentioned some fact about what you did to your blog that seems not true in real life? You can talk to the person who made a blog and explain your side. Sometimes this is only a misunderstanding. If you want, you can make a blog, but not turning down the other blog but explaning your side about what is mentioned in the blog. I just hope you do it immediately. When the other person is not responsive and not cooperating, just take a take down order online because it will ruin your reputation as a blogger. Make sure you make a blog explaining your side because something negative is always detrimental.

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