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There are so many musicians who are my celebrity crush. They are as follows ;



Nikki Minaj 


Ricky Ross 

Lil Wayne 

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I have lots of celebrity crushes. The firsts and second ones are Diego Luna and Zack Efron. Both are talented artist, they can sing, dance and act. Third is Liam Neeson because of his attitude towards work and he is a great actor. In local, Iike Jericho Rosales and Dingdong Dantes. I have a crushes on Richard Gere to watched Pretty Woman. I find him very gentlemen and I dream of meeting someone like him when I was young. When I started to watch the film, i became a fan. Same goes with Kevin Costner when I watched the movie The Bodyguard. I have a crush on Bruce Willis before too and I watched th Die hard movies he had before. Even Tom Cruise became my celebrity crushes when I saw Mission Impossible and the rest are some small artists that I just saw in the movies.
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I have loads of them and each with  his or her reasons that I'm crushing on.But I crush more on Ramsey Noah even as a man he is really a good actor.i hardly see Nollywood movies lately but when I need to see a method actor I just look for a movie that he is featured in to watched and I know I will be getting my time worth. Nothing gives one joy and relaxed nerves than watching a good movie with one crush in it. I know it makes the movie more interesting and exciting.

Well,I don't know if it really crushing in every sense of it since it not about love but I just love to watch him act,he speaks fluently and get into his roles perfectly well and bring out the best in the story.i like the fact that he is also scandal free and keeps his private life private and knows where to draw the line.
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Personally, I have both male and female celebrity whom I crush on so much. Please don't get any ideas about my crushing on a male celebrity, I'm not a gay but I simply love his personality and attitude especially in all his movies than I have watched so far.
My male celebrity crush is no one else other than Bruce Willis who normally goes with the alias John in most of his movies. If you very familiar with one of his epic movies called Die Hard, it's an action packed movie full of intrigues and suspense. It hurts me so much that he is old now and would soon have to retire from acting movies. Bruce Willis never say die attitude in all his epic movies was the main reason why I still crush on him till today.
On my female celebrity crush, it's the one and only Angelina Jollie. Her love for adventure is what makes me crush on her.
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I like Beyonce and Rihanna but I doubt if I can cope with Niki minaj, trust me she is always behaving weird and loosed. I know a lot of celebrities who's name didn't appear among the names you mentioned. I said this because i’m not a fan of international music. Rather go for African brand of music. My most crushed on celebrity is a film actress from Ghana. Jaki hapia; she became my crush due to the fact that she won all the medal due to the endowed  physical smartness.

I won't mind to visit her and spend any amount just to meet her and tell her how much I cherish her. I watch one if her film she acted lately in a village in Gambia where she met mojeed. The particular gown dress she wore in that film makes me like her more. The Africa dress is just too sweet on her.
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