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Sometimes we need rest in our lives when we are pursuing our life goals and objectives. When things aren't going well the way we desire, a little time off would be a good idea and when we get back on track, we might have a breakthrough. 

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If everything that we seek to achieve in life always work out the way that we want it, then there's a likelihood that we shouldn't be suffering again in this world. This is the situation that we are into as you can see that there are people that have succeeded in life after making a whole lot of attempts to achieve that.

You shouldn't be feeling depressed at this point in your life as long as you are still doing the things that will bring the great success to you. The only thing that you should do is to try and adjust in many ways while assessing the efforts that you've made to achieve the success. Also, try to check out the things that successful people have been doing to achieve this success and follow suit. This is one of the ways that you can improve as well.
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Life isn't a bed of roses and life comes with full package of the good,bad and the ulgy don't always expect goodness all the time.What keeps us down all the time and maybe depress like in your own case is wanting everything go our own way and maybe instantly too.please snap out of depression and always remember you still have your life ahead of you.

There's time for everything says the holy book. That goal you had expected to achieved might just be in it's formative stage and not yet ripe for harvesting, trying to harvest it now might just bring pains and bad feelings, so don't give up keep moving with it.
So my advice is to hold on you will soon achieve it,you can try restrategizing and use a different step and see if it will work this time around.Good luck.
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The only stage where you would find yourself and it's alright to give up would be in the grave six feet under. Those that are dead are the ones who are obligated to give up because there is nothing else left for them to do since they are already dead.

But as long as you are alive and still breathing and not seriously ill and hospitalized, you are not supposed to give up or feel depressed simply because you are finding things more difficult and hard to achieve your goals and objectives in life.
One thing that I can tell you vehemently is that life is not fair no matter how anyone looks at it. If you are not born into a wealthy family that have the financial resources to push you up, just expect that you will find life very difficult but if you don't give up, your success will definitely come one day.
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Naturally as human our wants are unlimited so do our goals we keep aiming to achieve certain things even at old age until death take charge however,  there are certain situations that one needs to rethink or re- strategies because if you keep pursuing a particular thing and you are not succeeding in it, it is either you are not putting enough effort to achieve it, or you are giving in the best approach to it or God does not destined it for you.
It is fundamental to believe that what cannot be cure must be endure. It is good for you to relax,  give such goal a long term break,  think of other meaningful things that will make you happy for a longer time and feeling of fulfillment, when next you want to revisit such goal always believe if is good for you there will be successful but if otherwise be ready to bear it and move on.
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Such is life! Sometimes you win and other times you lose. But because you lose doesn't make you a loser, except you see yourself to be so. You should learn that it doesn't always go as we planned in life. Sometimes disappointment becomes inevitable, especially in your case you've practiced tenaciously, and yet, things didn't still work out as intended.

There is this general adage that "he who fights and runner away live to fight another day." Because you achieving your goal as at now didn't come to fruition doesn't mean if you try again someday, you would not nail it. In addition, because you failed in realizing you goal for now is not a reason for you to despair. Instead of been discouraged and be wallowing in self-pity, get yourself motivated and keep your hopes up, believing that whatever that made this your goal to fail is a blessing in disguise, and that bigger opportunities lie ahead on the horizon, if only you still have undying determination to give it a try once again.
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In life we have so many things we would like to achieve, there are those that will pave through, and there are those that will be stagnant. You start but you cannot move forward or go backwards. The thing is in life we will all go through trials and tribulations. Nothing good comes on a silver platter, and if it did it will definitely explode at some point. When sometging doean't go away, or we are not able to meet our goals, that shouldn't make us feel like failures, and that we should just give up. Troubles make us stronger and wiser so just get up dust yourself up and get moving, be focused and positive you will make it. This is because you will be more wiser and do the same thing differently and yield good reaults. It takes time but it's well worth it.

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