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Noodles is a very common food in the world today. 

Do you enjoy eating it?

Is noodles nutritious? 
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Sometimes, especially Ramen noodles, I don't eat noodles all the time,maybe  once in a month or twice.

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I don't think they are people that don't eat noodles when it like a staple in most homes maybe adults might reduce the frequency but as a child taking noodles is like the very air we breathe. Even as an adult I like noodles alot. I know it more of carbohydrate so I garnish and load my noodles with so much veggies to make it very healthy. I think adding some boil eggs, lean meat and veggies to noodles can make it more nutritious and healthy.

Some people introduce so much oil to their noodles through deep frying,some add canned foods like sardines,canned meats,sauces etc and another side dish with some unhealthy ingredients used but to have noodles the healthy less fatty oil should be used, less toppings and less meat too.
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Personally, I rarely eat noodles. I am not down with eating noodles because I don't really see need to indulge in consuming something that would not belly full me. Apart fron the aspect of its insatiability, I also consider it not good enough to meet the nutritional requirements often derived from other foods that are of balanced diet; especially if prepared without the addition of culinary condiments.

Now, are noodles nutritious? Yes and no. Yes, if they are prepared with other ingredients that would make it to be rich in order for it to meet the required nutritional needs of the body. And no, because often times than not, people prepare this noodles just as they come in packs, and the consumption of this type of cooked noodles without incorporating any other ingredients such as eggs, fish, tomatoes, onions, etc, remain unnutritious because they are only source of carbohydrate, which I doubt if they are the healthy form of it.
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Noodles with expiry dates and are packed is not healthy. Anything that have preservatives can cause illness in the long run. Noodles is delicious and the aroma is really good, it really adds to your excitement in tasting it. I am a Chemistry graduate and we studied it at school. The are large amount of preservatives that are used in storing noodles. Most of the time, those who have more than a year of expiration, contains a big amount of preservative that in the long run will cause you cancer. The most illness you can get is either kidney problem  or liver problem. The high amount of salt can cause kidney problems. If you consume noodles you need to drink 3 liters of water to lessen the preservative that will absorb by your blood.
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I enjoy eating noodles a lot. I enjoy how tasty, quick and easy it is to prepare. I like to call it my fast-food since I can make it in no time. At a point, I was eating noodles almost daily. Now however, I think I consume noodles weekly. You would think my love for noodles involves all types but I only enjoy Indomie noodles. No other noodles takes the spot just yet.

I love the fact that you can play around with noodles and it would turn out to be as rich and healthy. I can have it with eggs, salads, beef, fish, different vegetables etc. Other times, I just like it plain without extra condiments except for the seasoning that it comes with.

Noodles is loved by both adults and kids. In my country, noodles is the most consumed packaged food.
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I would prefer to eat pasta and noodles over rice. I really love a good pesto pasta with chicken. I also like to make a homemade mac and cheese dish. The kids love this and seem to go crazy when it is served at the table. It seems that you can do a lot of different things with pasta and noodle. They are also good in soups and to make a good pasta salad with. 

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