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There are so many kind of meat which one can enjoy eating every day but my favorite one is pork. 

Do you love eating pork meat? 

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I eat most of any foods including meat. I enjoy meat to compliment my taste. I rarely eat pork though I usually eat chicken and beef. I balance my diet not just relying on a full meat meal. Eating balance food is a good way for not having complications and, I am trying to do this.

Eating pork alone is not healthy. You can eat pork but don't eat too much as it will cause many complications in long run including high blood pressure. The meat of the pork is the most common reason for having an unhealthy.

How much pork meat do you really eat in a week? I hope its not too much. You can balance your diet so you can avoid any complications in the future. I love pork Lechon and, I missed the taste of it. It's been over 5 years since I've tasted one.
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I must confess that I'm eating pork meat too much more than any other meat. It's just that I prefer it more than other meat.

I was told it contains too much fat.
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There is nothing wrong with eating more pork meat,but, in a long run eating too much meat will cause health issues because pork meat has more fats, that is one reason too my aunt had a surgery due to fat building up in his stomach. She eat more meat especially pork than anything.
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Well,for me I eat any kind of meat in moderation.Meat with low fat is really healthy for the body. I eat pork meat but I focus more on the healthy parts  like the lean cuts that are good for the body but I stay away from the bacon and other fatty parts that contain more of saturated fat and cholesterol which isn't good for the body. These two clogged the artery which can bring about heart diseases.
I try to eat a well cooked pork meat, medically it isn't right to eat raw or undercooked pork because it can cause a sickness called Trichinosis and if anyone have this a medical attention should be sort already.

I know some churches in Christendom are against the consumption. as a Christian I'm really trying to stop it's consumptions now.
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Recently, they started doing pork barbecue and it tastes so good. 

I used to prefer eating cooked pork but the barbecue blew my mind off and ever since I have loved it better than cooked pork. 
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Yes,it can very nice when properly done but the problem is if God is against it's consumption which some churches preached against. 
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Pork barbecue is really yum, and that is one of my favorite recipe too aside from adobo.
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I enjoy eating pork meat. I eat it often in a week but not everyday. Some days we eat chicken meat and fish meat. During weekends we usually cook pork meat dishes. My favorite pork dish is ground pork cook it tomato sauce with carrots and potatoes diced.

I also eat pork meat cook with blood. Here also in my country a festive food is made by roasting whole pig and we call it lechon. There are so many delicious dish you can made with pork. I also love eating the pork fat or chicharon.

My religion is not strict when it comes to eating pig meat or pork. I know some religion that avoid pork meat.
Sometimes I want to avoid pork because I know it's not healthy. Some believe pork meat is unclean.
Nevertheless most people here in my country consume pork. There are also many processed meats sold here made of pork. We have luncheon meat, longganisa, meat loaf, and tocino. People here also like pork barbecue.
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It was in the old testament Bible that pork was referred to as unclean meat but that is all phased off in the new testament with Jesus at the helm of affairs. 

No meat is unclean to me and I eat pork with pleasure. 
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That is what other religion believed that some animals especially pork is not clean,but there is also part of the bibler that's Jesus,cleaned all of them.
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As an individual that eats virtual anything considered to be nutritionally healthy, pork meat is not excluded from the meats I eat. I would only abstain from it if it's fried, because I know how unhealthy the retention of trans fats in it during the process of frying it could be sabotaging to my health. For this very reason, plus other unhygienic grounds like it not properly cooked, would deter me from consuming pork meat.
Apart from the effects fried pork meat could have on one's body, the improper cooking of it happens to the most dangerous to one's health, as it could cause development of tapeworm in the small intestine. Tapeworm in the intestine leads to the dependent of it on the food we eat, and if it doesn't get any food to feed on, it would turn on one's intestinal walls, which would definitely lead to anaemia over time.

Personally, I love pork meat because of the nutritional benefits it offers its eater. Thus, I never allowed myself to be prevented from eating it, eventhough all the stories surrounding it. All I do before eating it is to ensure it's properly cooked, so that the tapeworm in it would die. And I also ensure I avoid the fried one because of the unwholesomeness of the greasy nature it has after frying it.
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Exactly! It's only the issue of tape worms that are likened to pork meat that makes me a little bit scared of eating it too often.

This is why I make sure that before I eat any, it's definitely going to be properly cooked and well prepared to kill off any worm in it. 
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This is an interesting question and I must say meat is one of my favourite which I love so much. It spice up my taste and with it my meal is fantastic. Despite my great desire for meat, I don't eat pork meat. In fact I've not taste pork before though I know a lot about the meat. My religion doesn'tdoesn't permit eating of such kind of meat.

Personally, I usually like tasting the meat virtually every time I visit my friends who eat pork a lot. Steering at the meat and its soup ordinarily seduces my taste but enough factors won't let me. Ordinarily, the meat has much fat which medically is never good for consumption not to even argue or reason the amount of worms it has that it has to be washed with alom asin potash alom before those worms can come bout by
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Not every part of the pork meat contains much fat. You can very well cut off the fatty part of the pork meat and enjoy the rest of it without worrying about fat consumption. 
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At times I do enjoy pork. I especially love pork ribs. However, there are many times that I do enjoy making a sweet and sour homemade pork dish for dinner. I make my own sweet and sour sauce and add tons of vegetable to the dish. It is delicious when it is served over rice and a nice hot piece of bread to go with it. I love to add a salad and make a complete meal out of this. 
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I started eating pork after a friend of mine introduced it to me at one of our many outings. i really never used to think much of it, especially when you hear how some people may talk about it. Yes it comes from pigs, and people say pigs are not clean animals, but you are consuming what is in the inside not outside. Anyway pork can be very sweet if prepared in the right way, i wouldn't mind eating it once in a while especially when i have no other alternative. i would rather have it dried than stewed, because of the fats. It has too much fat that can be nauseating. If i am to buy pork i will always look for the side that has lean meat with no fat or bones, let me just say steak would work for me. Though it's not usually easy for me to buy it, i usually find myself consuming when i go visiting. It is also good to alternate eating protein, because too much protein is also not good for you. It  can cause gout which can be very painful at times. eating once in a while, and alternating with other meats is a good idea. If you ask me when i last ate pork, i cannot even remember it has been that long, i prefer goat meat or chicken if i have to eat white meat.

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