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Maybe the person is good at hiding something, and they are vigilant  because they doing something unusual.

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There are some people are good at hiding at, something called talent I guess.  But, I do believe that hiding something would not last forever. If you don't caught yet of what you doing, maybe you are good at hiding for a moment, but watch out because it won't last long. In time, you will get caught not unless you stop or the person doing it will stop and won't do it again, then no one can caught him from doing such thing. People can be easily detect or knows something is going on, try to observed their eyes, their reactions, their facial reactions, and how they responds on to something you ask. Only lie detector test can proved if the person is telling the truth or not. But try to physically observed the person and study what he is been doing too lately.
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What I can't be caught doing are those things I never want to do not to talk of even being caught in the act. There is a saying that " transparency breeds legitimacy" and never treat or do to a 0erson what you can't endure. I believe every good thing is worthy to be repeated and done publicly. Though, somethings are private but certainly not secretive like evil acts.
I have numerous things that I won't ever want to be caught doing, like; stealing, raping, killing and just to mention but few. I watch a young and handsome man being beaten and killed because he wwas caught red handed stealing from a supermarket, he was burn tto death alive. Same way I have seen someone convicted to serve a jail time of 12years. So anything that relates to crimevir evil

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