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We are witnessing a lot of violence and crises around the world and millions of people getting killed on daily basis. 

If you happen to find yourself in such area, what can you do to help you survive? 

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This is something I am fear about because I have two little children with me. I always pray to God that this will not happen in our country. I feel devastated every time I see crimes on news in other country, especially it involves innocent people like children. I know, it's really hard situation, and I can't see myself how to survive btu I will do my very best to survive and save my children. I am glad that in the country we live in is pretty safe,well less crime but cannot guarantee the safety until there are such people like burglary and bad people doing that is still exists. I think I can do is to approach rescuers and ask for help, if they told you to evacuate, you have to follow what they ordered for the safety. If there is a threat, you have to be vigilant and aware and be prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally. It is not easy because we are not in the same situation with others who experienced such tragedy.
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One can't really control some happenings especially the natural disasters where it most times beyond our control. We could only hope for the best that we survive all the crises against all odds.

But one thing is us finding safety whenever the crisis arise, like if we are confronted with flood, drought, hurricane etc I think the best bet is evacuating from such region to where is safe and if ones region has been torn by a disaster beyond one's ability, then there will need to seek for help from NGOs at least for relief materials.

The government can also help keep affected people by providing shelter or homes if possible to accommodate the victims of these crises.

For me I will run for safety and where will be comfortable for me.
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It's quite alarming the rate of crises in the world, especially those regions that were once crises-free are now beseted by it. It is not surprising the issue of survival in these zones has become a subject of debate, because everyone look forward to make it alive out of situations like these.

Personally, if I happen to find myself in regions where there is crisis, I will have to be more prayer, because there is obviously nothing anybody can do to prevent being caught in the wildfire of crises. Truthfully, no matter how cautious one would become, there is no guarantee the crises would not get to where one stays.

The one thing that can safe one is if these crises are being perpetuated in public places, one can decide to avoid such places. But if it's attack carried out on homes, it becomes pretty too difficult to escape if the attackers invade.
Apparently, the only thing anybody can do in times of crises is to pray to God to protect him/her and his/her family. And if paradventure anything goes wrong, death is not the end of life but rather a transition to a more peaceful one.

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