What is Blog?

I want to know about blog in detail, including implication and usage. what is the benefit of a blog?

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A blog is a kind of website that can add new posts as easily as saving a text on your PC with the help of any blogging service like blogger, wordpress etc. Unlike a website of any product or company a blog has a dynamic effect as it is commonly have posts updated frequently. These blogs are good for SEO and can increase your website rankings if you are attaching a blog to it. You are good to have a check on this tag on answeree about blogs https://www.answeree.com/tag/blog

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Blogs are niche websites for people to post knowledge or content for viewers to read, comment on, and share. The people who run blogs are called bloggers, and they generally do so to share information or create content for an audience. This is also a great way to make a lot of money - bloggers can earn over ne hundred thousand dollars per year! If they get a large enough audience, this means that there are thousands of people viewing their blog in a certain amount of time. This is called "blog traffic". If the site has a lot of traffic, companies will pay bloggers to put ads on their blogs. They get a certain amount of money for every person who clicks on an ad.
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A blog is a place or type of website, where new posts and updates are presented first. Blog is a type of personal web page as a  daily, is written by an individual or small group of people to give information in conversational style. 
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