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Dear all

I have a bed. but there are many bug in the bed. How do you kill bed bugs?  I am a single. it is very harmful for me.

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Go to any store where bedding is sold and get a mattress bag. It is made of plastic and zips to completely enclose the mattress. The plastic is thin, so be careful not to tear it.

Go to any hardware store and get diatomaceous earth, often called D.E. Also get the bellows used to spray it. Spray some D.E. inside the mattress bag and spray some more into the sheets and blankets you put on the bed. D.E. is totally safe for people and pets, but it grinds bugs to bits.
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Getting rid of the bed bugs in your bed is not so difficult. However, this won't help if you have them around your home. You will need to clean your home and spray for the bug. They can also get in your furniture, carpet, clothes, towels, and pillows.

Buying a plastic mattress cover is the first step to killing the bugs in your mattress. Now you need to take all of your bedding and wash it at the highest temperature on your wash cycle and then dry the clothes in the hottest setting on your dryer. Once this is done bag all the items up in plastic bags and seal them until you are done cleaning the rest of your home.

You will need to do this with all your clothes in your home and this includes your spare sheets, blankets, and towels. If you don't kill the bugs in your home they will continue to multiply and come back. Now you'll need to clean your rugs and furniture. You will need to pull back the rug from the wall and spray for the bugs along the baseboard of your home and the rug. If you have fabric on your furniture this will need to be sprayed too. You'll also need to check your books and everything in your home to make sure you don't have bugs in there.

If you live in an apartment the bugs more than likely came into your home from a neighbor. You'll need to report this to the landlord so he can have the other apartment sprayed in your complex.
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Apart from using the spraying drug, these are the fast home remedies you need to employ.I have undergone that issue dealing with bed bugs sometime before.

First you need to use a bright bed sheet.White or cream is a good colour.This is because white is such a shiny colour and bed bugs fear places which are bright.

Also, whenever you're sleeping, do not switch off the lights.Bed bugs tend to come out when its dark.Keeping the lights on will scare them away and only a few will tend to come out.

Finally, if your bed is in a corner, try moving it away from the walls.It should be some inches away from the wall.Having the bed near the walls will make it an easy pavement for them to climb.
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Bed bugs, mosquitoes and cockroaches are a menace in every country. You cannot sleep in peace when insects are roaming all around our house. Therefore, what we  do to get rid of the menace of those little monsters? There are pest control agencies in our area. We call those people and they spray some repellents and go.  
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Bed burgs are usually very stubborn in the house. Just as their names suggests they live in the bed and cracked walls where they hide and lay their eggs. During sleep they come out of their hiddings and suck your blood. It is very hard for a bed bug to die. But what kills them is use of soappy water and hot water. You can wash your bed with hot water to kill them with their eggs also.
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Bed bugs are very irritating parasites and when they attack your bed you better fight them as soon as possible. You can try either of the following pesticide; diasonal, bedlam and neusidal. I highly recommend bedlam cause that one is the most effective. Spray your bed with bedlam twice a week I guarantee you you will never see those tiny parasites again. For more information visit the nearby agrovet for help.
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When it comes to killing of bed bugs, there are several methods that can be used, these methods include: mechanical, biological and chemical. Among the methods, the most effective one happens to be the chemical because it requires less effort by the user to apply it. The mechanical method, basically, is about the use of physical means like the use of your hand to pick the bed bugs out of where they are hiding. It's very crude and also very ineffective as it's kind of impossible to properly get rid of the insects.
As for the chemical method, it is the ideal method that's mostly used in killing bed bugs. It is very effective and reliable to use. The chemical method talks about the use of chemicals like the insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and rodenticides. Interestingly enough, there are myriad of chemicals but unfortunately, they don't have the same level of effectiveness. You can count on the advise of the dealers of these chemicals for the most effective one to use in killing of bed bugs.
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I love naturally ways of getting rids of unwanted things because it doesn't most times come with any side always look.mild and very easy to use.SO on that note I will be   discussing the natural ways of getting rid of bed bugs.

First start with sun drying the mattress and all its accessories,you can vacuum it with a good cleaner,wash the mattresse covers and dry them under high heat.if the mattress never had a cover,it time to get one, don't forget to use non toxic spray to spray on the mattress,then wear the mattress cover on the mattress, If possible sweep out your bed area to get rid of other can install bed  bug  interceptor  to avoid breeding more bugs and get a beg bug oven if the former isn't okay by you.

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