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Being a member of this awesome community is something that I always wish to do every time and this is because it has been a great journey so far with the lots of things that I have learnt from the members. I visit this site morning, afternoon and night and I always spend, on average, 7 hours of my day trying to learn one or two things from the website.

As far as I am concerned, it has been a good time so far being a member and I even had the privilege of introducing some other people to be part of this website because this is the place where you get so much value. Of all the questions and answers website that I have been a member of, I have to admit that Answeree is the best of it all which makes it an interesting place to learn new things that will help us in life.
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I agree, It's under a month sunce I joined Answeree and I am enjoying to answer and read answers here.
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I'm one person that does whatever I need to do with passion and as such if I decides to work on a site then I must be passionate about it,so for answeree it's a site I have really come to like ,since it's a question and answer site that I will contribute my quota to, I have come to really be active on it.

I visit as much as I can averagely 4-5 times daily depending on when I have the time to visit because I do other things too when I'm online and sometimes offline too. Answeree is becoming an addiction because apart from typing my own answers or reply to make money I also login just to read others opinions, ideas and suggestions on a particular question and I learn alot from all those diverse views. Answeree is becoming a resourceful site.
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You are doung a fulltime work online as what I have understood in your answer, and true Answeree is a good site where you can lear and share.
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Answeree is definitely a great place to be. I've never been on a question and answer site like this one. There's just something unique about it. When I first started working here, I used to log in about four times a day on an average. However, now, I've taken up more responsibility offline. I seldom have a lot of time to spare like I used to.

These days, I visit once a day. Some days I don't log in and when I do, I barely answer enough questions. I feel like I'm missing out on all the good moments here. I doing all I can now. At least so that I can reach minimum withdrawal before January. Hopefully, with the new changes coming up, my time would be much more flexible than it is now. I'm highly anticipating and I'm sure it would be something good.

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