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What have really hindered you from making good money online?
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One of my setback is Internet. Internet is still expensive in my country. Another setback is time. I have a full time job,so I don't spend all my time on the internet There are some skills one needs to have to make money on the internet like typing. I don't have such skill and I don't have a laptop to even type. Lack of information is also a barrier.
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I also and always face the tough challenges of poor internet connection. 

All the internet providers in my country are messed up and it affects how I work so bad. 
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I can totally relate because even internet connection is really expensive too in my country one just have buy for use though.
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Working online has a lot of limitations, one of them being a lack of trust. Lots of people are scammers online that will try and take your money. Others will be afraid of hiring you for fear that YOU are the scammer. It's all a very sketchy process. 

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Working online has had a lot of limitations on my side, first of all i have worked for someone and after delivering work only for her to run away with my earnings. The second thing is bidding for projects has been very hectic because its a competition with so many people around the world, hence winning a project is very hard and hence the final thing is you find your account being suspended for not winning a project for example people per hour and upwork.

Another limitation is that at some point you work so hard for very little earnings, which really discourages to continue working.

Also working online makes you sit in front of your laptop or computer for a very long time which causes back and eyes problems. It also makes you sleep so late into the night due to even time difference.
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The working so hard for little earning is so just have to keep on working for peanuts.
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Making money online differ from persons to persons,  there are people who have never made any money online despite their struggles while there are also people that are making money online but not enough as they wish they should make due some factors that hinder them from making more money online.
I am of the category that is already making money online but unable to make more money online because of two major factors which are:

Time: there are some sites that you get rewarded from base on the number of hours you spend daily especially paid forums that works with interval of time and I am mostly busy with my offline schedules this prevents me from making more money online.
Skills:There are some sites that rewards very well but requires a unique skills to be able to make money from the sites especially the freelancing sites, I don't have skills like designing of loges, web design,  etc
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Time has played a big role in the hours that I spend online. Also, the work that I do offline is something that have also affected the way that I work online as well. 
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That is true especially if you are making more money offline then online,  of course time will hinder you. 
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Yea, some sites just need one to be skilful to be able to work on the site especially the very good sites. 
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Working offline too can really hinder online work especially if one has a very demanding job offline.
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That is just the simple fact,  especially if your online job is just to compliment the offline earnings. 
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I would say that my major limitation working online is time. Time has always been the factor that sets me back and puts me behind others. I always struggle with my activities offline which of course is my major source of fulfillment and the time that I need to be online.
There are many targets to meet daily. For instance here in answeree, there's a limit of seven answers but because of my schedule, I barely make five in some days and other days, I don't visit at all.

Another major setback is payment processing. Most sites process payment with PayPal because of how widely accepted it is. However, PayPal has set limitations on my country so I prefer to look out for other processors. My best option is skrill so I always have to find ways to exchange funds.
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Yea, alot of sites just used Paypal and unfortunately some countries are banned from using PayPal account and this is a huge limitations. 
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Being a freelance writer is not as easy job as most people think it is. There are lots of challenges that faces each and every one of us who works online and they differ based on from the part of the world where we are all working from.

Take for instance, with my country Nigeria, it poses a very big limitation to my working online as a freelancer with the country being on the blacklist of so many online websites where one could easily work online and earn a good deal of money but because I'm in Nigeria, it's not possible. For example, prize rebel survey site doesn't allow Nigerians to register on the website because they don't have their services available in the country.

Also the issue of PayPal is another problem that limits my working online so much because without PayPal, I can't take my pay online.
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I have noticed that too,a lot of sites don't allow tier 2 countries to work on them which is appalling.

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