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For sure.  If technology has not affected your relationships then you must be living under a rock.  It has had positive effects because I have been able to connect with friends I have not spoken to in years. 

It has also had neutral effects.

  • My kids ignored me when they didn't have a phone and only contacted me when they needed me. 
  • They ignore me now that they have a phone and only contact me when they need me.  :D 

Technology has not had any negative effects on my relationships.  None that I can think of.

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It is, even with friends. We only talk in chat. They say that we can talk in chat why need to see each other. Also, they are into social media that they don't care about how you really feel. When I am posting a rant or my thoughts on social media, they take it as a joke, so i am not into social media at all.
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For sure! Technology has affected my relationship both positively and negatively. I can't overemphasized how it has helped me connecting with my long distance friends, relatives and associates. But as they say anything that has merits also goes with demerits. Technology has affected my relationship as it has made it possible for other guys to connect with my girlfriend easily without me realizing it. This has led to cheating in my relationship without me noticing it. And believe i am not the only one who has been on the receiving end of the negative side of technology in relationships.
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Yes, my partner is addictive to online games and blame it on me when it is his choice to do it.

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The only way technology has affected my relationships is it has made it far easier to keep in touch with my friends and family. The actual quality of my relationships have not been affected in any way because if I want to see people and interact with them face to face I can still do that. If you are talking about my partner, he doesn't mind at all and just because we have phones and computers it doesn't mean we have grown apart, it's just a separate part of our lives.

I guess there are times when we all get our heads stuck in our phones which is a bit antisocial but I try not to do that when I am out with friends. I really would not like to be without my devices now and I am one of the older generation.
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It is a fifty-fifty situation I see.  While visiting each other is history now and we only meet at celebrations what technology has done is we can now keep in touch with those who had drifted for years and a search has brought them back in my life.  I have office colleagues, classmates and even relatives back in my life though at a virtual level 

I would still  however wish the good old system of visiting each other got back . 
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Yes I think there is a lot to be said for both but I have cousins in Australia that I met up with a short while ago which would not have been possible unless we had facebook as they traced me through it. I didn't know anything about them until they contacted me.
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No my relationship has not been affected at all by the increase in technology. Though most people are complaining that technology has taken most of their patner's time and they have no time left for them but this ain't my case cause my partner ain't that much in love with technology. I may say that I am lucky because my partner has all the time for me.
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Pornography is the greatest effect of technology. In one way or another, this has effects especially psychologically.Besides some people once they've watched these videos they're always satisfied and forget about their partners.This isn't right at all because its immoral.

Some people are greatly addicted to the internet to the extent that they fear face to face confrontation. When you go out on a date with them, you'll find a totally different person compared to the one you were talking to in the internet.
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Your second para is very true and that's the reality.
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Developments in technology are the need of the hour. If you closely watch the developments made so for, you can easily find all have been done in the interest of the people to ease their day to life. The point is that you should not get addicted to a particular technology to spoil your relationships. 
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Technology is very helpful in relationship especially when it comes to communication and keeping people bonded but it shouldn't take away the time for bonding and people shouldn't be addicted to it as you just stated.
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Yes my relationships have been affected by technology in a positive way. I live far away from most of my friends and extended family. With technology, I am able to keep close touch with them by chats, video calls and mails. 

Technology is a tool for you to use to your advantage and not to your detriment. We must use it wisely to improve our lives and not let it get into the way of relationships 

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