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I'm sure that most of us have heard about make up artists. 

Their job is to make women mostly up to make them look good. 

Do you like women on make or no make up? 
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Makeup is good a little make over here and there is not bad. not too much, just a little to accentuate someone's beauty that is acceptable. I wouldn't mind it myself, its perfect for a change, especially when going out you need to look nice it's important.

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I am not against with make up, I don't really wear make often. I like see women who have makeup but not overly make up. Some will wear make up that is not suit to their skin or face, that is why it is not look appealing to anyone. But, if a woman will wear make up according to her attire and skin complexion, it is more appealing and make the woman more beautiful.There are other woman too,that do not wear make up, like me. hehe. But I have makeup kit in my drawer, lipsticks,eyebrows, foundations, face powder, and lip gloss and even mascara, but I really don't use them everyday. I rarely wear them, when I go out I only wear lipstick ot lip gloss and some perfume. That's how I express myself. There are some men that prefer a woman to have a make up and some other men don't, It is really depends on a person.
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Well, I do like women that makes up in a very cute and elegance way not those that will have a face worse than a masquerade after a makeup session. I used to say some artificial fashion isn't bad but those during it, over do it sometimes.

How will one go to decorate the face to look beautiful but end up looking very ulgy infact some people will paint or makeup then they wouldn't be recognized by known people any longer. The face become a total mess and will be screaming for a total make over.

I'm never against make up because it can help radiant one,can be seen as a good thing fashion wise and it can help stands one out and makes one unique but one must be  careful to achieve the best from it. I like women with neatly done makeup. It always a delight to me
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As far as I am concerned, I don't see anything wrong with being with a woman that is on makeup. Yeah, there has been so much talks about how a lot of people will feel that those that are always on makeup are loose ladies, but I don't really agree with that. What is always necessary for us to know is the need for us to understand how those women behave when it comes to a lot of human interactions and all that.

I have this lady that I have been dating for some time now and the good thing about being around her is that I always get to learn a lot from that. This is different from what we have with those kind of ladies that will be much more concerned about how they look without having to wonder about the other aspects of their lives. In as much as this lady is always on makeup, I have learnt so much from her as well.
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with makeup. There's also nothing wrong with NOT wearing makeup. As far as I'm concerned, if a woman is happy with the way she looks and dresses, I am happy with how she dresses. I don't have, nor deserve the right to decide how a woman dresses or what she decides to do with her face and body. That's her choice and decision. If a woman wants to wear makeup and thinks she looks good that way, then she looks good! I shouldn't tell her to take it off. Furthermore, if a woman doesn't want to wear makeup, I shouldn't bash her and tell her to take it off. She thinks she looks good without makeup, and therefore she looks good.

Besides, only choosing a woman for her looks is shallow. There needs to be a reason other than "oh she wears makeup" or "she doesn't wear makeup" to not date someone. I date women based on their personalities, not what they do with their faces.
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I do, but you shouldn't be walking around looking like a clown. Make up is to enhance the beauty that is already present, not to disguise. So to me, it's beautiful when the make up is applied properly, not too much and still letting the natural beauty shine through.

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