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I'm not a relationship guru but its a pretty safe bet to say that the following tips will give you a long lasting relationship

  • It is important you have similar outlook on life.You need to share the same core values.A good example is the number of kids you want to have and how you intend to raise them.Not having any common ground with your better half makes it difficult for you to be enthusiastic about what interest them
  • Physicality and attraction plays an important role.A relationship will most likely not develop if their is no physical attraction in the first place..keep your weight and appearance in check..look good
  • Communication is also important in a relationship. Ideally,you should be spending majority of your day with your spouse.Inability to trust your spouse with problems and concerns will create a wedge between the two of you
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The one thing i will always emphasise on in relationships is, you should first of all be friends then become lovers. If there is no friendship then just know you are not goung to last long. Friends are forever, they may betray or hurt you sometimes but you will always find ways to solve your problems and move on. Another thing is, friends are open to each other, friends are confidants, friends are always there for each other. If you can have all these with your partner then you can be assured that you will build a long lasting relationship. 

When you know each other you will know how to deal with each other, each one will know which buttons to push and when. Good communication is key always speak out when you are uncomfortable don't hold back or sweep issues under the carpet. Always have the word sorry close to your lips. When your wrong be the first to say sorry don't wait to be asked what is going on with you. Believe in yourself, stop listening to too many advisers you will fall.

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