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He keeps on showering me gifts, sends me home, does favors for me but when an acquaintance asked him if he is courting me, he denied it in front of my face.
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He cares but hes scared in my opinion, i have the same issue in a way just without the gifts but he shows in different ways . Hes been talking to my family members and my family member and him both thought I exited and he told them that he did truly love me he just cannot tell me his true feelings because i will take it to the head and it will ruin everything we have right now, and hes scared he’ll lose me. Just accept that he truly actually does what he does, and try and talk to him when you guys are getting along real well and let him know what bothers you. 

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A guy that showers you with gifts definitely likes you although their are some two faced slimy individuals who would spend a fortune on you just to jump your bone.Thats why you need to be careful and throw series of test to him to be sure he actually like you.

Some of us are coy and discrete about out intentions.We are tight lipped about our love life. We don't want others to know about our private life because you could be the butt of everyone"s joke if you are an open book. Maybe that is why the guy is not telling your neighbor the truth. It doesn't mean he"s not smitten by you.

To be on a safer side,study him carefully.Test him.Don't be quick to jump into conclusion. Look before your leap.Guys can be deceptive and he may really be enamoured by you.Just test him and be sure he likes you.

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