As a new member here on the site I find a lot of really good answer to questions. I always try to let the person know that I enjoyed their answer by hitting the Thanks button. I do see others who will just say thank in a message or comment back to the person who wrote it.

Which is better to hit the Thanks button or to just say thanks in a comment. I know the thanks button will earn a person a few cents and it is a nice way to reward them for their efforts. What do you think?
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Yes, i do sometime few days ago before I realize my points will be deducted for doing it. No one give me anyway so, I stop.

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Thanks button is freely available here, I am new too and learning how this site works. Saying thanks in a comment is just considered as a spammy comment because it means nothing; a button if it is not giving our account negative balance, then it is fine to use that button. Such buttons will let us thanks to the comments and keep us safe from a comment which does not have enough words and sentence to say something.

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The site uses these button to upvote comments and also to see what the community thinks of your response. They are there for each person to use and you aren't charged for giving thanks to a person when they give you an answer to their question. I think it is a nice way to say thanks for helping them out because they took their time to respond to your question. 
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Yes I always do it :)

Just commenting wont help those Who reply, as the thanks  button gives 4 cents to those Who answer :) it is essential that those Who like a reply to their questions give a like :)

So please if you feel like this answer was nice give me a like, it would be a great way to keep it going on the website! 


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The Thanks or Like button is for everyone to use on all replys left on this site. No matter if it is your question or not. You can always find a great answer when you are answering another question and give a like to this answer. The person will see this and hopefully, they will give you one back. 

Please where can I find the thank you button or does it only shown up only when one ask a question,? 

Thanks, button are on all answers and not on responses such as this. You can see them on all answer that people have given on the site. You just click on the Thanks button next to an answer and it will add a Thanks to the person answer. It is simple. If you scroll up this page you will see them on the left of all approved answers. 

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I have never used thanks button before. I gave thanks button for asking interesting and nice questions. I never used thanks button for answering. 
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You can up vote answers provide here by clicking on the up arrow by the side of the answer provided, you can also select the best answers from a list of answers hovering the cursor around the answer, you will see the select best answer option. 
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