Is beef still available in India? Is it illegal to sell beef in India? Who eats beef in India? Was beef eaten in ancient india? Why beef ban in india?
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In Kerala there is no restriction in eating beef. We Keralites or Malayalees don't bother about these kind of silly rules. We need beef. Nobody can stop us from eating beef.
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There is no ban on Beef in India. People misusing the law and upper cast people killing lower caste people in the name of their religion and for domination.  And still, it continuing especially in North India. Some political parties driving them behind and supporting this cruel act anonymously.
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A big 'Yes' to the first question. It not illegal to sell beef in India. There is a ban on selling buffaloes in the market for cutting. Almost all people eat beef, except Brahmins and other high castes. Ancient books say that beef or cow meat was included in their diets. There is no ban on beef in India, rest are just folks.
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India is predominantly a Hindu nation. For the Hindus cows is what Mother Marry is to the Christians. Cow is the symbol of motherhood and divinity for the Hindus. Therefore they worship cows. They don't eat cows, instead they drink milk, use the ox to plow the land, use the manure to treat the soil. The ancient Hindus saw a lot of benefits of not eating cows. They could other animals for food, however, alive cows provided more benefits then eating cows.

Beef is not banned in India, however, socially and culturally selling and eating beef is now allowed in the northern India, where as in the southern India beef is commonly sold in meat shops and restaurants.

Hindus abstain from eating beef because for the cows are animal form of Goddess Laxmi.
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There are no strict rules in banning beef in India's states. Some people can eat it. However, some laws imposed on store beef in stores, the violators will need to pay for the punishment free or be in jail for at least 7 days. In eating to restaurants, the staff needs to know if the clients are Hindus because they do not eat beef.
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There is no boundation on beef in India. Socially and culturally seling eating beef is now allow in northan India. Where is the southern India beef is commonly sold on meet shop and resturent.
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