There are some people in our lives whom we loved the most and on the other hand some people we hate the most .now the question is which kind of people you hate the most .Upload failed: [object Object]
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The people who exploit other people. I hate those kind of people who take advantage of others for their own gain. Its selfishness on extreme level. 
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Yes. I also hate that kind of people. They are always think about them not others. 
Yes, I also do. My husband and family are like this. I hate such behaviour. They only think of themself and exploit other for their wishes to be fullfilled.
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We do love each other without any hesitation. But practically it is not possible to love everybody. I hate people who are selfish and talk behind. 
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It is inevitable that we encounter different sets of people in this world. Personally, I do not like a person who is full of himself or herself. This kind of person can never let other people talk or speak on a certain occasion. I usually stay away from them because they are no good in my life.
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Selfish person, because he/she thinks her/his self rather than other people. In every situation you shouy help other. If you want other people help you :). Be kind all the time

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I hate people who are selfish and I hate people who are too proud and I hate a bad behaving people. I also hate people that teach a child or other person bad
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The people that I hate the most is 1000 faces person. This kind of person is very dangereous in our life, they will act very good in in front of us, but will kill us when they have a change. I've expereinced with this kind of person, and at the end of the day we will hurted for sure.
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People who manipulate others are the most evil one. Those people try to dominate others and also try to keep other people in their control. This is what they do and make people submit to them. I hate such type of the people the most. I don't think there is any reason we should be around such people. 
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I hate the people who are black ship or those are very bad and do not have humanity . I also hate the people who tell a lie and also the people which do not take care anyone . I hate the people who cheat the people.
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I don't like people who critize others without realizing they're themselves aren't good enough compared to the people they're talking about.

I don't like people who are so arrogant, that they're feeling to be the most blessed person by god and then belittle/mocking other people who have unfortune condition.
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The people who use others for sexual acts without the other person knowing their true intentions and even if they do it is still very wrong. I totally disagree with those kinds of people.
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The ones that look down on people because they think they are better and the ones who always like telling people hurtful things. I just don't like being verbally mocked and called names by someone. As I kid I experienced that alot from some schoolmates and it really affected me. That's why I just don't like being called names. 
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I hate the people who show attitude and have ego .They think that they know every thing and have money all over the world and I hate them and symphasize for their ignorance 

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True Believers! These are the fanatics throughout the ages that have wrought so much misery, violence and wholesale death all over the world. Whether they are commies/socialists usurping governments, muslims sweeping across countries like a plague of locust, the bloodlust of a conqueror like Genghis Khan, or some other is the zealots that always do the most carnage.
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I don't like people who can lie, cheat and take advantage of others to enrich and benefit themselves, i don't associate with people who are loud and talk too much.
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I also hate people how talk to much. Not tolerable. I didn't talk to much so i didn't like to hear to much talkings.
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i hate the people who don't speak truth. they always cheat others and tell a lie. i have no space for such people in my life.
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