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Healthy diet, proper exercise, and good amount of sleep is still the best combo if one wants to have a good figure. In changing your eating habits, I hope you won't sacrifice your health just because you want to achieve an ideal weight and get slim.

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This is an achievable goal but it will take a lot of hard work and dedications:

  1. Start off with changing your eating habits. You'll need to examine how you eat and now stop eating all the junk food you love so much.
  2. Exercise is very important in becoming slim.
  3. Drinking plenty of water and stop drinking all the sugar drinks that are found in the markets.
  4. You'll need to start making your own shakes out of fresh fruits and veggies.
  5. Instead of eating a bag of chips, you'll need to eat a piece of fruit.
It will take time, but if you are dedicated and want to lose weight and become slim it is possible. 
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Yes i agree with you on this you really have to change your eating habits thats extremely important. Water how could i ha e forgotten this vital information? Take lots of water for hydration good for loosing weight.
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High fibre food - eating healthy food makes you feel full so yoi can stop eating.

Eat like 4 to 5 times a day but with light meals, this reduces cravings for the junk which adds to calories to the body.Change your eating habits like sugar and oil and bring in little changes to your diet to avoid junk.

Exercises are mandatory.To become slim, you need to sweat, push ups and squrts are highly recommendable.
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You haven't mentioned about your age, weight, height and eating habit; so this question is not proper for answer. A simple informative type for getting slim is for overweight people. Drink soups in your dite and avoid junk food, food with lots of fat and sugar. Fresh onion soup and tomato soup daily will get you nutrition and burn extra fat. Jogging daily, cycling are also good for fit body; this will help you to lose extra weight and shape your body in better position.
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Weight gain is very common when you are old. Therefore, you should always related your weight with your age. You should not focus on weight, instead focus on being healthy.
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Are you ready and willing to make powerful changes to become slim and also remain slim? If you are, how quickly and drastically are you willing to do that? It is because your performance depends on your efforts and your efforts depend on how motivated you are, and what you expect to be done as well as how much work is involved.
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There are many ways to become slim. In order to be slim very fast you have to let go of food. Eating a lot makes you very fat. You can skip some meals in the day and that won't leave you dead. Also try to do exercises in the morning, mostly I prefer running early in the morning. Doing these will bring a great impact to your body just in months.
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There are so many ways to slim depending with what works well for you or what you are comfortable with.  You can decide to change your diet, activities or choose to exercise. For instance working with diet you may decide to avoid body building food such as both red and white meat, eggs and so on. Do daily exercise for instance rope skipping, push ups, running, long distance walk and increase your daily activities. With all these and reducing the number of hours you sleep you'll see changes.
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Some awesome tips that you can consider to be slim are as follows:

1. You need to stay hydrated all through the day and so make a habit of drinking plenty of water.

2. Have a walk after each and every meal.

3. Drink green tea to improve metabolism.

4. Fiber-rich foods are good for weight loss and so eat foods that have a high fiber content.

5. Eat less of added salt. 

6. Running is considered to be one of the best weight loss exercises and so make a practice of running for about half an hour daily. For this, you can prefer one of the best compression socks for running.

7. Do squats and be fit and healthy.


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To be slim is not as difficult as many thought. It only takes discipline and commitment on your part for your fitness goals to be achieved. The key things necessary for attainment of slimness are exercise and good dieting. These two things should be part and parcel of your daily routine. There are no other ways about it; stay slim or remain flabby.

More importantly, exercise plays significant role in shedding fatty tissues accumulated over time. To begin with, motivate yourself to go for jogging every morning at least 3-4 times a week. As for the days you can't make it, switch to long distance energetic walk. This would also help a great deal in complimenting for the morning jogging.

 Healthy eating plans must be followed in order for your exercise to be impactful. Eat foods that are low in calories but rich in proteins including fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks of any sort as well as processed foods i.e fried foods. Abstain from excessive alcohol consumption and the use of tobacco. Instead of them, you can go for coffee or better still green tea or garlic and ginger tea laced with lemon or lime.
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If you really want to get slim, you first need to accept that our body could react to changes, fast or slow depending on how strong our faith was to make it happen. Second, accept that you can get slim either fast or slow and you should not feel bad if it doesn't happen too. Third, if you are discipline you could improve everything, every week. Fourth, it all started with a good long sleep, more water, exercise twice a week, good and healthy food and of course, you must detox first before anything else so that all the food that will be left on your stomach are those which can really help your body. You cannot help to get slim without detoxification. You need to drink some water with melon and you need to drink more green tea at night and in th morning.
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Sometimes people want to get slim all for the wrong reasons. I always feel it is okay to shed off some extra fat when you have it, but if you are lean already why do you want to be more slim? Anyway the one very important thing one needs to know is the amount of calories that you are ingestisting into your body. Watch what your eating on a daily basis, do not starve yourself in the name of cutting weight, that will cause more problems for you instead. I say this because when the body is sterved, you tend to crave for all the wrong foods, and all that does is to bring on more weight, this could happen without you even noticing. So eat your meals constantly watching what gets in, do regular exercises, aerobics, do a lot of walking or jogging if uour comfortable with that. Water, drink lots of water it keeps you hydrated. Detoxing is also a good way of keeping fit, and eating lots vegetables aids in a healthy system.
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