There are many legitimate sites for the hard working person who wants to be online Entrepreunrs. I wonder if somebody shares the legitimate options of earning whlithout any investment ?
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If you have good skill as a translator/article writing and other you can join frilancer site. Where a number of job you can do it at your home and you will get paid for it daily based.

If you are ready to earn by MLM site.
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Please share the detail of such online work.

I mean some example of sites where  can earn through translating

What are MLM site without investment
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Investments are the ones that seems to make you money for now and for the future but if you are not interested in investing you can still do online surveys,trading or affiliate work.There are many legitimate sites that pays people through PayPal but are too slow for me, before joining you have to check the site if it really pays and contact them if you don't understand their terms. 
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The only thing that runs in my mind is to have a regular job online, such as being an ESL teacher. It is a booming job using the Internet. You can try to venture into this field. Of course, it depends on your passion in life. I must say that this is a feasible job.
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Wow! Good option. I do teach online for science subject . The work is interesting and closed to my heart but the amount of payment is not so exciting.

What is your experience?
Being an ESL teacher is very rewarding. I must say that my company pays more than regular jobs offline here in my city. There are other things that you can do working online, such as virtual assistant, essay editor, and the like.
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If you have skills, it's very easy. You only need to become a freelancer and register with fiver or something. You can get even more. 
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