Humans must have experienced pain, whether mild or severe. So far if you are sick. Is there anyone from your family to take care of it? Or taken to the hospital? 
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My mother-in-law takes care of me when I am sick. She is a very nice and kind-hearted woman. 

When you are sick and someone is going to take care of you, then you are very lucky person. It feels so good.
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You are one of the few lucky ones who have their mother-in-law genuinely care about them and their well-being. I am happy for you.
Thankyou Marie....

It does not happen suddenly in a day, it is possible slowly that your mother in law should take care of you.
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When i was sick my father and mother both stay awake at night and take care of me.because of you i able to remember the beautiful moments.Thank you!
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First things first: medicine. Also, Soup. Have a movie night. give him/her a massage. Emphatize as much as possible. Make him a care package. Continue on your own social life.
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My parents equally took care of me when I was sick from childhood to teenage years. After that I fend for myself, but I do get soup from mom when I ask for it which is always appreciated.
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My parents take care of me when i get sick especially my mum. She prepares my meal and makes sure i take my medicine on time. She will often come to my room to check on me. Most of the time she knew exactly what i am feeling even before i tell her. I think that is in their nature as mothers. She's so loving, caring, thoughtful and would do anything for her child. 

And when I was not feeling okay and was away from home, she would always call me and would tell me what to do. I don't know what I would do without her. 
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