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I have always thought that education is the key to life. It opens so many door to things we want to do in life. Even if you don't do well at school you can go into adult education and better yourself. My daughter was considered a dunce at school but after a series of mundane jobs she decided to go back and do adult education. She is now in a good well paid job. It's never too late to learn.

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Education helps people in several ways.For instance, through education you'll be educated. Education is a lifetime investment and you will reep the results after you're done with it and secured a job.

Also, education elucidates our minds and get to know about a lot of things (knowledge) through learning. Through books, we can travel the whole world.

Finally, through education we are able to grow up as mature men and women.We end up knowing how to behave and live with each other in the society and know what is expected of us.
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Education help in many ways. It will give someone knowledge  to understand our environment and ways to cope with certain problems and how to solve them too. It has enabled the world to develop in technology and also for health purposes too. Many ways to deal with diseases has been made and this has really helped out people.
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In a world of uneducated people, we'd have a society that couldn't take care of themselves. Education doesn't only teach people to read, write, add or subtract. It teaches them so much more. socializing and getting along in a group is part of the learning process. In school teachers assign group projects so people can learn how to get along and work together. This is so important in society today. In an office, you are not the only person working for a company. Therefore, in order to gain the social skills necessary to work it is taught to you in school. You might not realize this, but all the group assignments in school helped you to work side by side with others. 

Learning a trade is another important aspect of education. Without the skills and knowledge to perform a job people will go hungry or turn to the street to stead and hurt others. Being a productive member of society means that you need to fit in, be able to read, write, and at least do some basic math skills. 

Today the education system has advanced, but it still has some improvements that need to be implemented. There are some people who have a harder time learning at school, while others can excel and move faster. However, in some classrooms today the teachers will just hold back the ones who excel for the ones who have a harder time to learn. This allows them to catch up with the others. There should be a system that can group these people together so each group can learn at their own pace. This would really help the younger people when they first enter school. 
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Education is most definitely the key to success. It can open so many doors but if you don't do well at school it doesn't have to be the end.

My daughter struggled at school, she wasn't naturally bright and didn't enjoy school. She left with few qualifications and did a string of dead end jobs until she decided to do something about it.

She enrolled in adult education and from there she went from strength to strength. She took exams, did 2 years in IT in a junior position and then applied for a high ranking well paid job which she has been doing for some years. I'm very proud of her.

My point is education will help you climb ladders but you can start it at any time. If you don't do well at school or college you don't have to give up. Find something you want to do and enrol in adult education classes. Make your dreams come true.
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Education gives us the key concept of learning, of getting knowledge of the universe, to know about the world and the aspects going around us. Education id not the source of getting good job but it ensure us for betterment of life and the betterment of living, it opens the mind to eccept new ideas and reasoning then.
Through education we can acknowledge ourself for the probable outcomes, we can manage to know about the existance of many things. It is the investment for life being.
Now in this era education is so important that you can not move without it. It does not mean that you will be nothing but you will face great resistance without getting the education.
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Let's quickly get this misconception about education cleared up that it is something that must be acquired within the four walls of a class room. Most people are still of oblivious of what eduction is in its entirety. They think that it's all about going to school with paper and pen  and at the end, one would be given paper certification, that would enable one to secure a paid job. That's when we can say such a person is educated. Education is beyond that. It's this type of mindset that has led to massive unemployment in world, because we think that's the only one can become successful.

In a nutshell, eduction is a system that provides one the knowledge to be self-aware of what he/she is capable of doing, be it formal or informal. Education help people in discovering their true essense by equipping them with the necessary skills to become successful.

Lastly, education would only be helpful to all and sundry, when one is not boxed up with the thought of seeking for white collar job, but instead choose to apply oneself by building on what he/she learnt through education.

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