In order to stay healthy I exercise and eat good healthy food love to know your activities 
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mostly I prefer to spend my spare time doing some small activities like drawing on learning new things related to innovations. and sometimes I prefer to spend my spare time with my family members. 

but when i am in a dull mood I will definitely try to watch comedy videos.
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I also do watch horror movie videos when I'm feeling down it does wonders 
yes me too but I will watch only in the daytime because I won't sleep if I watch horror movies during nighttime. 
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On my spare time I do the things includes gaming and solving maths problems , also I explore the websites through which i can earn money
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Wow maths is a difficult subject for me lol,I came across work at home scams when trying to find earning opportunities but few are legit 
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in my free time i play basketball because i love it ,and i also watch movies with some snacks,but the thing that i love to do is closing my eyes and dreaming what i wanna be in the future or dream about what i wanna do now i will highly recommend you to do this it will refresh your mind.
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I do meditation everyday using stones that you put on your chakra and visualising your future as it already happened it does help 
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I prefer playing online games on my spare time because it makes happy and I enjoy it. It makes me forget that I'm tired or stress because of work.
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I do recommend taking a warm bath with a wine and then playing games later so that you don't feel stiff because of tiredness 
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Answer the questions and finding answers to the questions I don't know. I do this online, on various websites, offline, asking people who know the answers. I mostly get answers online and then I verify the same.
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You can also try using justanswer website where you find experts to answer your questions but you do pay first to receive answers to your questions 
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I always try to do something new which i haven't done earlier such as i i have never done sketching but in my spare time i try to do so.

Sometimes i watch movies and play mobile games.
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Doing something new opens one's mind & at the same time is educational experience 
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Playing games relieves the stress that I have from work. I enjoy playing Valorant, Among Us, and Friday the 13th with my friends. 
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I was born Friday the 13th, it is said is a bad luck but I don't really believe it 
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I love tiktoking which helps me at the same time exercise through dancing. I also love  taking naps alot, any spare time I get I put some of its time on taking a nap.
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In my spare time i"must" do things hat i don't realy like:shoping,house cleaning,laundry,paying buills,i do my personal body care,try to make extra money on web.
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