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Casting mild back, I can't seem to remember been bullied by anybody. I have always be a strong somebody right from when I was a kid, and I have always stood my ground to anybody regardless of the size of the person.

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Yes I was bullied at senior school. My dad was a policeman so was always being posted to different places across the county. I would just get settled in a school and then I was uprooted again so I never felt that I fitted in. All the other children had established friendships but I felt like an outsider. Children will pick on any small differences and that's what happened to me. It didn't help that I wore glasses which were not very attractive and the other children laughed at me which lowered my self esteem. I can honestly say I loathed my school days.

When I left school I went to college and things were so different there. I was no longer bullied and my confidence was restored. I realised I was as good as anyone else, my peers accepted me and I got along with everyone. If only it could have been like this at school.
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When I was younger a boy in the neighborhood would come around each day and bully my two younger brothers and myself. He thought he was so great and loved to try and hurt my younger brothers. Finally one day I got tired of him and decided to take action. I went after him and threw him off his bike and started to beat on him like he was dong to my brothers. In the end, the boy was a coward and ran away. He had to go home and get his dad to come and fight the battle he started.
When a person bullies another person they are nothing but cowards. They want people to think they are strong and a leader. A bully could never be a leader of people because deep down inside he is scared and can stand up to a fight. They love to start them, but they can't end one or even stay around. They always end up running away when they are comforted.

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