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Lemon is essential when it comes to curing pimples and acnes. I hence think its good provided that you take care of your eyes because the moment it comes in contact with yours eyes it can cause some irritatation but you can wash your eyes with plenty of water and it will be cool.

Lemon contains citric acid and your face is surrounded by bacteria which give rise to pimples and acnes. When you apply lemon in your face, you're making it hard for the bacteria to thrieve. It hence reduces the number of the bacteria or kills them removing the pimples. Also, lemon exfoliates the dead skin on your face giving it a smooth look. Besides it's very cheap home remedy for the pimples and acnes but then its not a one day process. Repeating the process thrice a day for three weeks can give better results.
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Applying lemon on the face is very good but can be bad If done without necessary precautions. Lemon has great antibacterial properties, it contains vitamin C and citric acid. These properties are very effective on the skin. For the face, lemon cures acne, rejuvenates and lightens  the skin. Precautions to take are:

1. Lemon contains citric acid. In other words, can be very acidic especially for sensitive skin. It is best to dilute lemon with aloevera gel  water, honey or other neutral profucts.

2. Lemon can lighten dark skin so it isn't advisable for a person with a darker skin tone.This may cause uneven skin tone.

3. It is best to use lemon at night or indoors to prevent direct reaction with rays of the sun.

4. If you experience skin reactions like redness, blemishes, you must stop application immediately.
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Lemon is very good for face as it can be used as exfoliator along side other natural skin friendly ingredients. Lemon is perfect for those individuals with skin problems like acne, freckles, black spots caused by pimples etc. And their effectiveness can not be overemphasized.
It might interest you to know that lemon when used along side with other ingredients like sugar or honey, you can be rest assured that your facial problems would be a thing of the past. And this can be done through the following:

Cut a lemon into half and squeeze one of the halves into plastic container. You can decide to add either fresh honey or sugar to it. Mix it to make a face mask and gently apply to your face. Leave it for up to 30 mins and wash it off with lukewarmed water. Repeat this process for 3-5 times a week and you will be amazed the impact it would have on your face.
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Lemon is a good way of controlling greasy skin but it should be used with caution and I can vouch for this as I have a sensitive skin and made very sore patches on my face from rubbing it on vigorously when I was young. Lemons are antibacterial and can be used in the treatment of spots and blackheads. They are antioxidant, oil controlling and skin lightening but should never be used on skin that is sore. I think a patch test is probably a good idea before covering the whole face in lemon juice and if it is still fine after five minutes it is probably safe to go ahead, Never leave it on overnight or go out in the sun with it on your face.

There are preparations that you can buy which contain lemon so if you have a sensitive skin perhaps it would be a good idea to look at some of these to see what they contain. They are more expensive of course but worth it for a radiant blemish free skin.
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Definitely,you can use lemon on the face and get all the benefits that comes from it,there's nothing bad about using lemon on the fsce. Lemons are antibacterial and as such can help clear all facial acnes and blackheads, just squeezing out the juice and applying it on the face can clear thrash from one's face.

If one need some facial lightening then going the natural way is the best.Lemon contains some brightening properties like vitamin c and citric acid that can help brighten the skin, so instead of spending money on bleaching creams that can burn the skin,one can apply lemon and get it brighten at little or no cost and with no side effects.
Anyone can use this on the face depending on what the issue can apply it overnight or use it in the morning and wash it off after some minutes.
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Lemon is good source of Vitamins C good for the skin nutrients, and some people reviews that they whiten their skin or they are effective to whiten your skin. Lemon is a very strong, acidic type that if combined with sweat it can burn your skin. Instead it whiten your skin, it might turn into brown. If you put lemon in your hair and you stay under the sun it will make your hair brownish or golden color. So, if you put the lemon in your face make sure you avoid spending under the sun it can cause irritation and can burn your skin. After applying lemon into your skin don't leave it for too long, wash it properly and apply sunblock protection before you go out. Lemon can make your skin dry too so, you need to apply moisturizer. If you can find a moisturizer with sun protection in it, that could be better.
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This can be good or bad, depending on several factors like A) the amount of acne or pimples on your face, B) whether you've washed your face before hand, and C) whether or not your skin is sensitive. Lemons contain citrus, which is a type of acid that can eat into your skin if you're not careful. If you rub lemon juice on your face more than once or twice a week, it can start stinging and open up wounds on your face. However, if you do it minimally and make sure to wash your face before and afterwards, it can eat away the acne and pimples. Just make sure you don't do it too much, as it can also eat PAST that.
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People use lemon on their faces to help with pigmentation but you need to use a daily moisturiser with spf in it because the skin can become more sensitive.
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The citric acid present inside the lemon can boost the health of your natural antioxidant and increases the blood circulation on your face. Increase in the blood circulation gives a bright look to the face. Lemon also combats with the pimple-causing bacteria's to avoid from getting affected. Lemon is used to remove the dark spots from the face which are caused due to pimples. It is advisable to use best face wash for men in India after applying lemon to your face. The contaminants present inside the face wash can remove debris from the inner pores of the skin. Use lemon twice in a week to get a better result.

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